Shaikh Abdol-Hamid:

Insulters of Sunnis’ Sanctities should be Punished

Insulters of Sunnis’ Sanctities should be Punished

The eminent Iranian Sunni scholar criticized blasphemous insults of Sahabah and demanded “punishment” of such culprits. He was talking to the central gathering for the Friday prayers in Zahedan on Sep. 28, 2018.
The official website of Shaikh Abdol-Hamid reports that he denounced blasphemous remarks of a footballer during a public speech and said: “We decry strongly remarks of an ignorant sportsman whose words show that he knows nothing about Islam.”
“His words about Sayyidana Ali, the Clean Wives of the prophet and other great Sahabah were illogic and untempered. He went to extremes which is refused by Shia and Sunni communities,” Khateeb of Sunnis added more.
He further said: “It is the demand of the nation to detain and try those who create sectarian tension by their exciting statements – regardless to their sect and community. No one –with any status and rank- should be allowed to sabotage our unity and peace.”
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid informed the audience the security agencies claim that they have arrested the mentioned footballer. He said: “It is the demand of people to not suffice on detention, rather such people should be punished and masses should be informed about their punishment. It will make a lesson for others.”

Interference in Sunnis’ mosques and prayer-houses’ issues is against the constitution
President of Darululoom Zahedan criticized the “interference in the issues of Sunnis’ mosques and prayer-houses” and said: “We have received reports from different parts of the country about some efforts to interfere in the issues of Sunnis’ mosques and prayer-houses, threatening to seal mosques and in some places imams are under pressure to leave mosque and leading prayers.”
“These interferences are unacceptable for the Sunni community. Interfering in the internal issues of the Sunni mosques is against the constitution. The Sunni community does not accept personal views imposed by any organization, directory or personality on Sunnis. They should be free to offer prayers wherever they want in whole country. Sunnis’ mosques and prayer-houses should not threatened from any side,” he underlined.
The most influential Iranian Sunni leader called on the officials to take such issues seriously and said: “Mosques belong to Allah and aggression on mosques is aggression on Allah. Both Shia and Sunni worshipers should not be asked why they have mosques in any Shia-majority or Sunni-majority area. So it requires attention of the officials; sometimes small problems produce big crises.”

Officials should support masses in bad economic situation
In another part of his speech, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid applauded the speech of president Rouhani in the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly and said: “Due to famine and economic crisis, people have been suffering and we’d like to recommend the authorities and officials to support people in this hard time and pursue their problems.”
“All bureaus and offices should help people and show lenience. They should not be teased. In this situation any kind of provoking and creating problems for people is against prudence and national interests,” he added more.
At the end of his speech, Khateeb of Sunnis once against denounced Ahwaz terror attack and said: “Iranian Sunnis are away from violence and they believe in temperance; the nation and officials know this fact well.”
“We are not extremists and violent and neither have we supported extremists. As well as we do not accept violence of others against us,” he concluded his points.


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