Molawi Hasanzahi:

Leave Sectarianism, Abide by Meritocracy

Leave Sectarianism, Abide by Meritocracy

Khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan pointed out to the Government Week in Iran and called on the official departments to focus on the principle of “meritocracy” and avoid sectarianism in employments and distribution of positions.

“SunniOnline” reports Molawi Abdor-Rahman Hasanzahi welcomed representatives of the governor of Sistan-Balochistan and said: “The Week of Government has reached while foreign enemies have been conspiring against the country and we suffer from some domestic problems, too.”

“Sistan-Balochistan has been suffering from massive famine. We see special grants and budget for “Sistan”, while Balochistan does not see but dust and cloud,” he stressed.

The teacher of Darululoom Zahedan termed “unemployment” the second major anxiety of the people in Sistan-Balochistan and said: “Unwillingly and due to unemployment, our young have been moving towards illegal and illicit jobs. Many of them have been shot dead for smuggling few liters fuel and some others were burnt alive. This is the massacre of elites.”

“How many factories are active in the province? Why there is no any intention to remove anxieties of these jobless young?” he questioned.

The Khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan further said: “The level of people’s lives should be developed and all should enjoy welfare and facilities. The Sunni community should get its due rights and focused more. There is no way but to advance from sectarianism to meritocracy.”

He demanded approval of a “special budget and a certain prospect” for development of Sistan-Balochistan and said: “We want administrative, disciplinary and security officials to tolerate and compromise more with people retreating opportunist elements who want to sabotage people’s unity.”

In the first part of his speech, Shaikh Hasanzahi recited the 8th verse of the chapter Al-e Imran and said: “Those who are firmly rooted in knowledge, despite enjoying the blessing of guidance/Hidayah, they are always afraid of their future; thus they seek persistence of their guidance on the straight path.”

He concluded his points by saying: “We are always prone to digression in the religion; the only remedy is to ask the Almighty: “Our Lord! Do not deviate our hearts after You have guided us, and bestow mercy on us from Yourself; indeed You only are the Great Bestower.”


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