Four Iranian Baloch Fishermen Freed

Four Iranian Baloch Fishermen Freed

After three years, four Iranian Baloch fishermen have been freed and reached Tehran. The abducted men belong to Iranian Sistan-Balochistan province.
According to the state-run news TV channel, the fishermen have been freed by the help of security agencies of the country. They were abducted by Somali pirates three years ago for ransom along with 17 more fishermen and sailors.
According to the abducted fishermen, 8 of them have lost their lives due to bad condition of health and lack of food and drinking water. 8 others could flee and 4 of them still in the hands of a pirate, namely Karrani.
A relative of the freed fishermen told SunniOnline exclusively that the men were freed few months ago by an Arab person who took care of them well. Then he handed them over to another person and he contacted the Somali officials. The officials informed the Iranian diplomates in the UAE.
The minister of intelligence received the fishermen in Tehran and soon they will reach their home.
In another incident, 17 Baloch fishermen were detained by the coastal guard of Puntland in Somali in October 2017. After a long trial, they were released but then abducted by the lawyer of their fishing boat.
The fishermen have been under the custody of the lawyer for a month. The provincial officials in Sistan-Balochistan have told news agencies they will be transferred soon to Iran.


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