“Iranian Sunnis Want Own Mosque in Tehran”

“Iranian Sunnis Want Own Mosque in Tehran”

Chairman of the Sunni bloc in Iranian parliament urged Sunnis of Iran wanted to have own mosque. He criticized neglecting and marginalizing of the Sunni community by officials.
ILNA interviewed Dr. Jalil Rahimi, a Sunni politician and chairman of the Sunni bloc in the parliament.
Rahimi said: “There are some fundamental problems which the Sunnis suffer from them. We have the right to worship and establish mosques where we live, especially in Tehran city.”
“The principle of meritocracy has been being violated in the country. Sunnis lose positions and posts just because of religious issues. Apart from the posts of leadership and presidency, there is no any legal ban on Sunnis’ employment,” he added more.
Representative of Torbate Jam and Salehabad in Khorasan informed: “There is no a single Sunni city governor in Khorasan. The provincial governor has not appointed a Sunni advisor. Such points make people dissatisfied and we should remedy these weaknesses.”
Dr. Rahimi alluded to the high turnout of Sunni citizens in favor of president Rouhani and reminded the president his promises he made during election campaign.


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