For the first time after the revolution in Iran;

A Baloch Sunni Citizen Appointed As Deputy Governor

A Baloch Sunni Citizen Appointed As Deputy Governor

After 40 years, the authorities could appoint a Sunni citizen as deputy governor of Azadshahr County, north of Iran.
“SunniOnline” reported, Hussein Lari Kaman is a Baloch Sunni citizen of Golestan province. He received his order letter in an inauguration ceremony held in the city governor house of Azadshahr.
Khateeb of Azadshahr, Mawlana Gorgij and member of the parliament, Ali-Reza Ebrahimi played a key role in the appointment of Hussein Lari Kamani.
Mr. Lari Kamani got his BA in theology and MA in Islamic tenets and philosophy.

Ml. Gorgij: Don’t distribute weapons among Baloch tribes
In another move, the influential Sunni scholar of Golestan province criticized distribution of weapons among Baloch tribes in Balochistan of Iran.
He was talking to worshipers in Azadshahr city on Friday 27th April, 2018.
Mawlana Mohammad Hussein Gorgij said: “Distributing weapons among Baloch tribes in Balochistan was a blunder. This is not the way to bring peace and secure the region.”
“After the distribution, some people open fire on each other just due to vain scuffles and disputes. Some elements want to arm Baloch youth in Golestan, too. But we oppose this and we cannot accept equipping Baloch tribes in our region,” he added more.
President of Farouqia seminary in Galikash decried killing of youth by police in Balochistan and said: “Some Baloch youth load rice and fuel to smuggle them due to bad financial conditions. But security forces open fire on them.”
“Police should not confront masses; they should serve people and attain their trust. In such cases, justice should not be violated and influential individuals should not violate due rights of weak and poor people,” Shaikh Gorgij underlined.


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