Shaikh Pordel:

“Responsibility”, “Promotion of Knowledge & Morals” Requisites of Society

“Responsibility”, “Promotion of Knowledge & Morals” Requisites of Society

Eminent Islamic preacher termed “thinking” and “heart” two important assets and called responsibility, promotion of knowledge and morals and establishment of big social circles “necessities” of a society.

“SunniOnline” quoted some parts of Shaikh Mohammad Saleh Pordel’s speech in the Friday gathering of Sunnis in Zahedan on 13th April, 2018 where he expressed his happiness over participation in the 27th graduation ceremony of Darululoom Zahedan.

He said: “The tribune of the graduation ceremony was in the hands of all; Shia scholars talked about their tenets and sect. it means we accept others. If others refuse us, we should not ignore them, too.”

“All praises be to Allah, our scholars, Ulama, students and preachers have reached to a great level of intellectual, political and cultural promotion. Our people listen to others unless they do not hear any insult.”

“We should be responsible. We have to recognize our responsibilities; otherwise we cannot advance and move ahead. Thinking is blessing as it works like a parachute and saves the thinker as parachutist saves himself. We should try to have a vast, positive and safe thinking,” the Islamic preacher of the southern Iran underlined.

Shaikh Bilal Sa’eed: Ka’bah is Qibla of worship, Quds is Qibla of jihad
Chairman of Tawheed Movement in Lebanon, Shaikh Bilal Sa’eed Sha’ban, who could not take part in the graduation ceremony of Darululoom Zahedan, also talked in the Friday gathering of Sunnis in Zahedan.

He said: “If we want to be the best and a moderate nation, we have to return to the Qur’an and Sunnah. Jihad is the most important duty of all Muslims.”

“We have two Qiblas; a Qibla of worship and another one is for jihad. Allah Almighty has connected these two Qiblas. The Qibla of jihad is Quds which has been occupied by Jewish Zionists. We, as Muslims, are responsible and accountable on this Qibla,” the Lebanese scholar emphasized.

He clearly said: “All sects and races should be united against Israelis to save Palestine and dislodge Jews from Palestine as you dislodged the US from your country.”


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