Ml. Alibai Passes Away

Ml. Alibai Passes Away

Mawlana Gholam-Ahmad Alibai passed away on Dec. 9, 2017 in Tayebad city of Khorasan Razavi province. He was 84.
SunniOnline reports, Mawlana Alibai was one of the leading scholars of Khorasan region of Iran. He was the founder president of “Anwarululoom” in Khairabad and Darululoom Islami in Rizeh town.
Mawlana Alibai got education mainly in Pakistan from the prominent scholars of his time, including Mufti Mohammad Shafi’ Deobandi, Mufti Mahmoud, Mawlana Mohammad Yousuf Binnori, Mawlana Ahmad Ali Lahori, Mawlana Khair-Mohammad Jalandhri, Mawlana Abdullah Darkhwasti, Mawlana Mousa Khan Rouhani Bazi and Mawlana Shamsuddin Motahhari.
He was graduated from Qasimululoom Multan, Pakistan, after 7 years. He founded three Islamic seminaries for males and females. His schools are famous in Khorasan where hundreds of students get education.
Dozens of scholars and activists expressed their sorrow on the passing of Mawlana Alibai.


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