Imam Nawawi Islamic Seminary Closed Due to ‘Pressures’

Imam Nawawi Islamic Seminary Closed Due to ‘Pressures’

An Islamic seminary of the Sunni community has been shut down in Bukan County in the West Azerbaijan province, Iran after the ‘pressures by security agencies’.
“SunniOnline” reported the rector and teachers of “Darululoom Imam Nawawi” issued a statement announcing the closure of the seminary ‘until an unknown time’.
An edition of the statement sent to “SunniOnline” in which the teachers of the seminary said: “Following the intensifying pressures of the Intelligence Ministry on the Islamic Seminary of Imam Nawawi of Bukan and creating of troubles for the teachers, students and rector of the seminary, the personnel decided to shut down the school and stop all activities to an unknown time.”
The statement termed bypassing the due rights of the Sunni community “against the constitution” and a reason of “weakening unity’s basis”.
Darululoom Imam Nawawi was founded in 2001 and it has been famous for students in the Kurd-populated regions of Iran who follow Shafi’i school of thought.
Mohammad Khezrnejhad, the rector of Darululoom Imam Nawawi, has called on Sunni scholars and activists to support them.


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