A Popular Iranian Baloch Scholar Imprisoned, Then Freed

A Popular Iranian Baloch Scholar Imprisoned, Then Freed

Mashhad – SunniOnline: Molawi Fazl-ur-Rahman Kuhi, a prominent Iranian Baloch scholar and Friday imam has been imprisoned following telephonic summoning to a court in Mashhad. He was released after 9 days.

The official website of the Iranian Sunni community, SunniOnline, reported Shaikh Kuhi, Friday imam and Khateeb of Pashamag town of Sarbaz district in Iranian Balochistan was summoned to the Special Court of Clerics based in Mashhad city on Monday 3rd April, 2017 where he was questioned.
The comrades of Shaikh Kuhi told us the authorities had informed them that he would remain their ‘guest’. They contacted the security authorities several times, but they have not received any convincing response yet.
Molawi Fazl-ur-Rahman Kuhi is the rector of an Islamic school in Pashamag town with huge popularity in Balochistan.
He has refused recruitment of Sunnis for the ongoing civil war of Syria clearly during public speeches.
Some reports suggest hundreds of citizens and locals of Sarbaz district have protested the imprisonment of Shaikh Kuhi by gathering before the office district governor.
Shaikh Kuhi, after 9 days, was transferred to Zahedan by security personnel, where he was freed on bail.
He was accompanied by security men to his hometown where people welcomed him warmly.


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