Islamophobic attack targets Muslims in eastern France

Islamophobic attack targets Muslims in eastern France

Muslim community in eastern French town of Dijon were targeted by an Islamophobic attack, local media reported on Friday.
The France Bleu Radio said that a pig’s head was hanged on the railings of a mosque currently being constructed.
Dijon prosecutor’s office launched an investigation under charges of ethnic hate and fueling discrimination, the report said.
Genlis City Mayor Vincent Dancourts confirmed the hate attack in a written statement and said that the authorities were in full solidarity with the Muslim community in the area.
SOS Racism, an anti-racist movement in France, strongly condemned the attack and called on the authorities to take those responsible for the attack to justice.
The mosque building was handed over to a Muslim association in Genlis in recent months and was reconstructed to make it suitable for prayer.
Islamophobic attacks against Muslims in France have soared across the country in the past couple of years, according to the Center against Islamophobia.
The country hosts nearly five million Muslims, mostly from northern Africa.

Source: World Bulletin


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