Wife of a captured sailor talks to ‘SunniOnline’:

We Need 150.000 $ to Free Hostages

We Need 150.000 $ to Free Hostages

Note: It was Khabaronline, a local news agency, which posted a report about 21 Iranian Baloch sailors captured by some Somali pirates for the first time. Subsequently some other newspapers and news agencies talked with the family members of the hostages.
Parvin Sabahi whose husband Jamaluddin Dehvari has been captured by the pirates also talked to “SunniOnline” sharing the latest about her dear ones. She says about 6 months ago, on Eid al-Fitr day, she could speak with her husband on phone.
According to Mrs. Dehvari, 8 of the hostages have died in the past months due to bad situation of health and food. 4 were released in an ambush attack of the Somali forces while one of them could flee and reach home by the support of Somali and Iranian authorities. The rest of hostages have been divided into two groups in the captivity of two pirate groups; Karrani and Abdulwali.
Parvin Sabahi told the official website of the Sunni community of Iran, “The gang of Abdulwali agreed to cede from its past demanded amount. The gang demanded only 20.000 $ for ransom and their families could transfer the money. The pirates confirmed that they had received the money. But then they disappeared and have not phoned the families of hostages yet. It was happened almost 6 weeks ago.”

Foreign Ministry should carry out its duties
In a part her interview with SunniOnline, Ms. Sabahi said, “We gave the price of the irresponsibility of the officials by the soul of our dear ones. I’d like to ask all pertinent officials and the authorities of the Foreign Ministry to do their best to free the hostages.”
“The pirates have introduced us a go-between intercessor, John Steed who lives in Kenya. Mr. Steed has told our interpreter that the Iranian Foreign Ministry had refused to pay the whole amount of ransom. We feel forlorn as we need 150.000 $ to free our dear ones; it is a heavy amount for us. We cannot pay it at all,” she added more.
Parvin Sabahi, who mostly talks with media representing the families of Baloch hostages kidnapped by Somali pirates, urged in her talk, “We call on all sides to support us. We are in anxious times. Please do not leave us alone. For doing something tomorrow is late; move on today!”


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