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Arrogant Powers Wanted to Embroil Turkey as Egypt

Arrogant Powers Wanted to Embroil Turkey as Egypt

SunniOnline: An attempt for military coup in Turkey in the late hours of Friday 15th July and the disgraceful defeat of the coup plotter carried out different reactions in the world, especially among the Muslim societies. Most of the Muslim leaders, political parties, scientific and cultural circles and public figures condemned the failed coup. They congratulated the victory of the Turkish nation and government; the Iranian higher authorities were among them.
On the other hand, a day before the failed coup attempt in Turkey, a painful incident took place in Nice city of France where dozens were killed and many more were injured.
These two incidents made us to talk with Shaikh Abdol-Hamid Isma’eelzahi, a prominent Iranian Sunni scholar, rector of Darululoom Zahedan and member of some international assemblies of Muslim scholars, who watches the current affairs narrowly. He has sympathy for all – Muslims and non-Muslims across the world. Here is the text of the interview:

** As an aware observer of what is going on in the region and expert scholar in the affairs of Muslims, what is your reaction to the failed coup attempt in Turkey?
* The defeat of military coup in Turkey was a big tiding news for the Muslim world, and even for the rest of the world. After the failure of coup in Turkey, the legal government, democracy and Islamism have been stabilized. I think it was the last coup which took place in Turkey and the Turkish nation will not witness any other coup hereinafter. We congratulate the Turkish nation and government for this victory.
The failed coup in Turkey showed the arrogant powers and enemies of Islam had big conspiracies and sinister underplots for the Muslim states, particularly in the Middle East. It proved that not only the big powers of the world want to resolve the disputes in Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Iraq, but they also want to plot against the Muslim countries.
The arrogant powers destroyed revolution and freedom of the people of Egypt by military coup after their national revolution and a free election. They wanted to do the same in Turkey. The coup in Turkey was not a simple issue, there have been many plots and deepen planning in this regard to embroil Turkey to the destiny of Egypt.

** What is the reason behind Turkish nation’s victory and failing of coup d’état?
* The Turkish nation has experienced many military coups. Turkey was suffering from lags due to coups which put an obstacle to the process of development in different areas. The main reason of the failure of Turkish coup is the vigilance of its nation. The resistance of the government and support of the nation defeated the coup plotters. The Turkish people took the streets and the top commanders of the army did not support the coup. Turkish police and officials also withstood. In fact, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan showed off bravery and by the blessings of Allah the coup attempt was failed.
It is a fact the recent coup had no supporters among Turkish people. The coup plotters made mistakes in their estimates; there is no conformity between the situations of Egypt and Turkey. The Egyptian nation has obtained its vigilance recently, but the Turkish nation is pioneer in this field. The people in Turkey follow up their religious identity. It is clear the coup plotters are illogic and half-witted as they miscalculated the reaction of Turkish nation. The defeat of this coup has been a lesson for the world.

** Dear Shaikh! Who is behind the failed coup outside of Turkey?
* We see the hands of the arrogant neo-colonial powers and the usurper Israel; the elements which supported military coup in Egypt against an elected government. But it is notable some Eastern powers also were not much unwilling to see a coup in Turkey. The Turkish coup men moved ahead after the green signal of the Western and Eastern powers.

** What encouraged different classes, parties and even the opposition in Turkey to oppose the coup?
* This is a clue of their vigilance and astuteness. It shows they work according to the laws of Turkey; because coup is an illegal and anti-democracy act. Coup is a kind of terror and the real terrorists are coup plotters who go against the law and just want to get power by force.

** Your message to the government of Turkey?
* We hope the Turkish officials will take care of their nation more than past. The parties and groups which have political activities in Turkey should be given more attention. The parties in Turkey need the attention of the government and they should enjoy freedom.
It is our hope to see the law rules in all Muslim states and the nations’ demands are considered. The nations can save states if they are in the scene.

Incident of Nice was painful
** A day before the failed coup in Turkey, an alleged terrorist attack in Nice city of France shocked the world where many were killed and injured; what’s your reaction?
* The incident took place in France really made us sad and regretful, because innocents and civilians were killed in the incident. It was painful as the right of the victims was wasted and their celebration was changed to mourning. The main issue is that why the peace of France –which was an example- has be destroyed?

** Why in your opinion?
* We’ve been reminding the ongoing methods to counter terrorism are not correct. They should change their mindset; there must be a fair pathology and then justice can resolve the security crises. By bombing, conflicts and war extremism cannot be eliminated. Instead of main reasons, the world is fighting with the effects of terrorism’s root causes.

** How the world can get rid of extremism?
* I think the best way to eliminate extremism is to resolve the Palestinian issue. By the independence of Palestine the biggest step towards counter-terrorism would be taken. As far as Syria is considered, the world has no plan and program to resolve the crisis. The same is the case with Iraq and Yemen. In these countries there must be national and comprehensive governments with representations of all ethnic, religious and sectarian societies. By constituting national governments extremism would be uprooted fully or at least it will be weaken highly.
Unless the people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen suffer from instability, the current methods of counter-terrorism just jeopardy the peace of the world. It is a wrong pace to throw bombs on people from the airbases of the Muslim countries by the pretext of counter-terrorism and eliminating the so-called ISIS group. In those attacks many of innocents have been targeted. As a group of Iraqi scholars issued a statement and complained that some of people are being killed by ‘extremist groups’ and some others are targeted by the airplanes and jet fighters. The world powers just increase insecurity, enmity and hatred in the world by their military assaults.
Therefore, a revision in the ongoing stances is necessary. For making the region peaceful a working formula should be introduced with the support of the majority. By executing such a formula, the opposing minority would remain alone. If the world is seeking peace and reconciliation, then military solutions and bloodshed should be ended.
** Thanks for giving us your precious time.


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