Baluch Teacher Plays Symphony of Sacrifice

Baluch Teacher Plays Symphony of Sacrifice

Teachers teach us to read, write and how to live a better life. But this time a teacher taught us of magnanimity.
Hamidreza Ganguzehi was born in 1988, in a village called Chah-Nali, in Khash district of Baluchistan, Iran. He finished his studies in a burdensome situation. Then he became a teacher in elementary school in Nokjo, another village from Khash which is near the Iranian border with Pakistan. On April 3, the stormy weather caused an old wall to collapse. Hamidreza and his colleague, Abdol-Ghafour Shahnawazi, noticing three students near that falling wall, rescued the students but remained under the debris. Abdol-Ghafour broke his leg but Hamidreza had some severe injuries. Since they were distant from the hospital and they had no cell phone network coverage, they could not call for help. Abdol-Ghafour with a broken leg drove him to the nearest emergency service that was hundreds of kilometers away. But it was too late. Hamidreza passed away.
People called him martyr and honored his action and memory. Passing by his memorial, his symphony of sacrifice will be played forever in his hometown. He played the symphony of sacrifice for those three students and they owe their life rhythm to him. However, the price of this sacrifice was really costly for his wife and two daughters, 2 years old Yasna and 4 years old Asal. They lost a husband and a father who they really needed; a father to teach them life and share their sorrows and happiness.
Meanwhile, the condolence message of the president Rouhani and presence of the Education Minister to the hometown of Hamidreza made the people in Baluchistan thankful. As well as, sympathy messages of some notable public figures and salutations of common users in the cyberspace proved that there has been a national awareness on education and its importance.
Hamidreza Ganguzehi, may God bless him, fulfilled his destiny. He taught us too. What roles do we play in our lives? What should we do? How are we going to fulfill our destiny?

By Afshin Shahnawaz – Zahedan


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