How to Make Him Marry Me?

How to Make Him Marry Me?

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Reply date: 2015/10/27
Question: Aoa! I want to share my problem. Actually I love someone and want to marry him, is it right if I pray to Allah for him? As I am a girl it is very difficult for me to propose to him, can you tell me some dua or wazeefa to inculcate the feelings of love for me in his heart and urge to marry me. Please help… JazakAllah


Wa Alaykum Assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Dear Sister,
Thank you for contacting us with your question.
The best remedy for a Muslim man or woman who loves someone, is for the two to get married to each other. Ibn Abbas narrated that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:
There is nothing like marriage for two who love one another.” (Ibn Majah)
Yes, in answer to your first question, you can ask Allah to marry you to this person whom you love. The best dua that I can suggest for you in this regard, is the dua of istikharah. In this dua, a Muslim asks Allah to decree for them something if it is beneficial for them, and to turn that same thing away from them if it is not. They then ask Allah to decree some other good for them, where ever else it might be, and to make them pleased with it.
No other dua can be better in the matter of marriage, than the dua of istikharah, because no human being, no matter how wise they might be, and how thoroughly they might investigate and make plans, can ever predict the future success and longevity of a marriage. Istikharah is the best duathat a Muslim can recite when praying to their Lord, when and if they want to marry someone.
Secondly, it is not clear from your question whether or not you communicate with, talk to, or look with desire at this man whom you wish to marry. If you do any of these things, please be warned that they are impermissible (haram), as they make the heart get diseased and corrupted.
Whereas Allah will not hold you accountable for developing romantic feelings in your heart for a Muslim brother about whose piety and admirable qualities you have heard, and as a result of which you desire to have him reciprocate your feelings and to make you his wife, you will be questioned about any unnecessary/frank communication with him, or gazing at him, which you do as a result of these feelings.
Thirdly, you should try to keep yourself involved in productive studies and/or work in order to prevent yourself from daydreaming about your future with this man, and mulling over this matter so much that it starts affecting you adversely. Unrequited love during youth is one of the greater trials that any single Muslim could be afflicted with.
You can, however, talk to your parents about your desire to marry this man, and if they agree, a serious marriage proposal can be negotiated by them. There is nothing wrong with a girl’s parents initiating a proposal. However, it seems from your question that you know that this man whom you like, does not reciprocate your desire for marriage with him. Which is why you have asked us for a dua.
In that case, if all your istikharah prayers and your sincere efforts to negotiate a marriage with this person (through your family) end up in vain, believe with firm conviction in your heart that Allah turned this man away from you, and you away from him, because he was not good for you and vice versa.
Recall that Allah loves you more than you even know, and that He has responded to your dua of istikharah by turning him away from you because he is averting from you that which is not good for you, and planning for you to be blessed with a husband who is even better, insha’Allah.
I ask Allah to grant you the blessing of halal and fulfilling romantic love through marriage that does not abate with time, and that incurs Allah’s blessings upon you both. Ameen.
I hope that this answers your question.
Allah knows best. Please keep in touch.

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