Are Sikhs to be considered Muslims?

Are Sikhs to be considered Muslims?

What is Sikhism? Sikhs claim to believe in one God without partners. Some people claim that the Sikhs actually believe in Islam. Is this true?


Sikhism, which developed during the early 16th century in the state of Punjab in North India, is an admixture of Islamic and Hindu elements in addition to other teachings devised by their leaders. Certainly they are not Muslims. From the onset of their religion, they have openly declared their disavowal of Islam.

In their prayers, they recite: “I do not follow the religious ways preached by various religions believing in Ram, Mohammed, Puran or Qur’an.”

The founder of this sect, Guru Nanak, proclaimed that he had seen Allah and that Allah had commanded him to call people to this new religion.

He permitted his followers to drink liquor and eat pork. However, he forbade them beef in deference to the Hindus.

When this sect ruled Punjab in the eighteenth century, they severely oppressed and persecuted the Muslims. During the English occupation of India, they were loyal to the British and many of their menfolk were part of the largest British army ever assembled. This army had as one of its primary purposes the suppression of Muslim liberation movements.

Regarding their claim that they believe in one God, we would say that this does not mean they are Muslims, until the actually worship Allah alone in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Answered by
Sheikh Ahmad al-Qâdî, research fellow at al-Imam University




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