Education in Sistan-Baluchistan

Education in Sistan-Baluchistan

Some reports of the authorities suggest about 32% of people in south-eastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan of Iran are completely illiterate. If we count the number of literate who got only primary or middle classes; the rate of illiteracy goes up more.

There are some reasons behind the problem mostly we hear from the officials such as poverty and local traditions. Apart from those repeatedly published causes, it can be added that most of the teachers or principals belong to other regions; naturally they can not deal with their students and staff as local officials can.

Meanwhile, Mawlana Abdol-Hameed Ismaeelzahi, an outstanding Sunni activist and Friday Imam of the Grand Makki Masjid, underlined the same matter in his latest sermon. He asked the Ministry of Education to review its policies and stances about the Sunni-dominated provinces and cities; Sistan-Baluchistan is one of them. While local degree-holders apply for teaching, teachers from other regions occupy their places!

It is ground realty that hundreds of students desert education due to indirect misleading of their teachers. Some teachers deject their students in different ways; beating brutally is one of them. There are video clips uploaded on social websites which confirm the claim; even some teachers forces students for mutual torture by slapping in the face of each others. The level of teaching is also very low; there are students of middle classes who can not write their family names correctly.

We hope the national and provincial offices of Education will take the matter seriously. Students of villages should not remain limited to primary schools which suffer from lack of facilities and educational environment. Although, some positive steps have been taken to fight with illiteracy but it is not enough. An objective solution can be obtained by giving ideas and views of all influential sides and thinkers in the province.



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