The slow-motion genocide in Syria

The slow-motion genocide in Syria

Some people who believe in absolute territorial nationalism may content themselves with watching the slow-motion genocide in Syria unfold through their TV screens. They argue that what is happening in Bilad ash-sham is an internal Syrian matter and that any external interference or intervention is counterproductive and inexpedient.
With all due respect to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of nation-states, I believe that adhering to this rule especially in the Syrian context, is tantamount to granting a Nazi-like tyrant a sort of carte blanche to exterminate millions of his citizens.

True, the murderous sectarian regime of Bashar Assad has not yet killed millions of its citizens. And it may well be premature to compare that regime with history’s worst offenders, such as Russia’s Stalin, Germany’s Hitler, and Cambodia’s Pol Pot.

None the less, one doesn’t have to be a prophet to believe that Assad is mentally and morally capable of becoming a full-fledged Adolph Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.

Indeed, if he could carry out all this wanton killings, notwithstanding international criticism, one could imagine what sort of genocide or holocaust he would embark upon if the world were to give him a full and unmistakable “go-ahead to get the job done.”

Like his damned father who destroyed the City of Hama and massacred 30,000 of its residents, Bashar Assad is a nefarious murderer who would stop at nothing. If it were up to him, he most probably would annihilate ten million Syrians, on the ground that they are “reactionaries and enemies of Syria.” This is the “rationale” his pundits and spokespeople give to justify the pornographic daily carnage in the streets of Syria.

Assad is capable of embarking on the unthinkable. He may well use his chemical arsenal to exterminate as many Sunni Muslims as possible. This evilness can not be ruled out or even downplayed, especially if the despicable dictator starts sensing the nearness of his end.

Unfortunately, the international community is encouraging the Hitler of Damascus transform Syria into another Rwanda. In the African country, the genocide was carried out with hatchets, swords and small fire arms. In Syria the genocide is executed with Mig- bombers, T-72 tanks, heavy artillery and helicopter gunship raining death on innocent civilians.

Indeed, as his sectarian thugs are committing a Srebrenica-like genocide every few days, the world is continuing to regurgitate the same old hypocrisy and sanctimony, while helpless Syrian civilians are murdered by the hundreds every day.

The Russian stance is criminal as it is illogical. What does the Russian nation benefit from enabling an evil dictator to destroy his country and exterminate his people? Do the Russians think that Assad is immortal and that he will stay in power for ever?

He will not, and if he remains one more year in power, he is destined to find his place of ignominy in the dust bin of history.

But Russia and China are by no means the only villains in the Syrian scandal. The West is also an accomplice in the Syrian genocide, if only by refusing to allow the arming of the freedom fighters.

Could it be that the Obama administration is following the Israeli advice against ending the Assad regime since he constitutes a durable guarantee against the advent of the Islamists?

Or does it have to do with the widespread impression that the US doesn’t mind seeing half the Syrian people annihilated as long as Jews and Americans are not hurt and American global interests are not undermined.

Iran and Hizbullah are both playing an immensely evil part in sustaining the vicious cycle of the genocide by providing material support as well as operational expertise to the sectarian thugs of the Alawite minority.

The Iranians and their Shiite allies think mistakenly that Assad and his sect represent Shiism in Syria, which creates a moral imperative for the Iranians to help their coreligionists.

However, the Nuseiri Alawites are not really Muslims and can not be considered bona fide Shiites since they adhere to the anthropomorphist belief of Tajseed , which claims that Ali ibn Abi Taleb is God incarnate. This fact should be sufficient for Shiite Iran to distance itself from any attachment or alliance with the Nuseuri sect, which has ruled Syria, under the false rubric of the Baath socialist party, since the 1960s.

Generally speaking, the Shiites had always prided themselves on rejecting any hint of anthropomorphism, which really raise many question marks as to what really lies behind this immoral and utterly unholy alliance between Iranian clerics and Bashar Assad’s genocidal cult.

A few months ago, I asked an Iranian intellectual about the secret behind Iran’s embrace of the Assad regime. The Iranian intellectual agreed with me that the Nuseri sect was totally incompatible with Orthodox Shiite principles. He even pointed out that Sunni Muslims were actually closer theologically to the Shiite Ithna-Asharis in comparison to the Alawites.

However, the Iranian writer (I am not disclosing his name for his own personal security) argued that the Iranian regime hated the Sunni camp (which they would call Wahhabis) so much that it would side with the devil in order to prevent a Sunni Islamist regime from controlling Syria.

In addition to this, Iran does have known geopolitical designs in the Arab world. Hence, the advent of a Sunni regime in Syria would either put an end to these designs or postpone them for decades.

In short, The Shiite crescent which starts from Tehran , passes through Baghdad , and then through Beirut and ends in Damascus would be broken up if the Alawite minority rule in Syria were to be ended, especially at the hands of Sunni Islamists.

There is no doubt that the situation in Syria has already reached the no-return point, especially for the Nuseiri sect and the Assad dynasty.

The mass murder of tens of thousands of Syrians, the maiming and mutilation of hundreds of thousands as well as the dispersion of five million Syrians inside and outside Syria have created a sea of hatred between the small heretical minority and the rest of the Syrian people. Needless to say, true and lasting reconciliation would take many years.

The Syrian tragedy should be a lesson to all Arab and Muslim people everywhere. We must not allow vindictive minorities to take control of our armed forces. Or else, what happened in Syria could happen again and again and again.

Khalid Amayreh
Occupied Palestine

Source: The Palestinian Information Center


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