Iran: Consultative meeting of distant areas’ scholars

Iran: Consultative meeting of distant areas’ scholars

Teachers of Qur’anic schools and Islamic scholars of Sistan-Baluchistan’s remote areas gathered in Darululoom Zahedan, Iran, to share their views on Wednesday, 14th Nov. 2012.

The consultative meeting began its work inside the Grand Makki Masjid by inaugural speech of Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hameed, the chairman of the Coordination Council of Sunni Seminaries of Sistan-Baluchistan.

The gathering continued for a day where some prominent scholars delivered their discourses. It was concluded by the sermon of Shaikh Abdol-Hameed Ismaeelzahi.

Here are the excerpts of his two sermons:

Human society needs inward & outward purification
Humankind has been created for two great aims; worshipping only Allah Almighty and leading others toward the true religion. All other worldly blessings such as wealth, children and posts are instruments for mankind to step forward to the divine aims and duties.   

Unfortunately, people have forgotten their real duty and goal. When people of any society suffer from such a problem, they will meet dangerous mental diseases like stress, tension and depression. On the other hand, if a nation goes on the track of nature, it will get its goal without any tension. Many people know about their aim, but they show negligence; they do not work hard to obtain it. While, struggle is essential to achieve the true goal.

History is the witness, when scholars did their best to reform societies as it is their duty, Exalted Allah sent down His noble outward and inward blessings. When Islamic scholars, Ulama, carry out their duties well, all sorts of crimes and illnesses will be removed; the society would be free of robbery, cruelty, dishonesty and abatement of others’ properties.

Allah’s prophets used to struggle for purification of their eras’ societies. They did not leave any stone unturned to bring people on the right path by exercising different tools of preaching and admonishing. Even though the prophets, peace be upon all of them, were not treated well; even their family members and close relatives used to confront them or to insult them badly. The companions, may Allah be pleased with them, and other holy men endured lots of problems in this important and vital way.

“Jama’at-e-Tabligh” is one of the most influential contemporary Islamic movements. When the first groups of the activists extended their missions; they traveled to Saudi Arabia going over Baluchistan. We participated in their activities as well. The founder of Darululoom Zahedan, late Shaikh Abdol-Aziz, was very impressed by “Jama’at-e-Tabligh”. This organization wants to direct people to the straight path. Regrettably, love of wealth has permeated religious scholars; there is no any zeal and zest for Islam as past. Thus, we feel boredom and lethargy in the religious activities. Allah says: «ما لکم إذا قیل لکم انفروا في سبیل الله إثاقلتم إلی الارض أرضیتم بالحیاة الدنیا من الآخرة. «(O you who believe, what is wrong with you that when it is said to you,: Come out in the way of Allah, you turn heavy (and cling) to the ground. Have you become happy with the worldly life instead of the Hereafter? So, (remember that) the enjoyment of the worldly life is but trivial in (comparison with) the Hereafter.)

Many of Muslims do not know any thing about their religion; they are ignorant of Islamic tenets and sanctities. They are senseless about their needs; many die in this condition. They may face divine punishment. It is your responsibility to teach people and provide them sufficient knowledge over Islamic values and exercises. Do not consider this work trivial; it was the important duty of prophets. Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “I have been sent as a mentor”.

As the national constitution affirms, followers of all sects are independent in their educational and religious affairs; no one is authorized to put obstacles on your liberties. So respecting the law, preserve your right of freedom; do not create problems by breaking the law. Be vigilant and do not expose any laziness. Besides, offer prayers and practice more personal worships; it is very affective for gaining positive changes in the society.

Guarding people’s religious affairs is duty of Ulama
Most of the prophets, before Prophethood, used to graze livestock in their youth; the last messenger of Allah as well did so. He said: “I used to pasture sheep of people in Makkah for few wages.” Allah made them to graze in order to teach those practical terms of preserving and guiding any group. As sheep have a dangerous enemy, “wolf”, people also have a very more dangerous enemy that is “Satan”. They need more attention.

You should give priority to the noble Qur’an; teach Muslims’ children this subject carefully. Teach the Qur’an by the accurate accent and utilize others’ experiences in the fields of teaching Islamic books.



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