Whose Approval is Must in Marriage?

Whose Approval is Must in Marriage?

Please advise me about marriage in Islam? Marriage needs whose approval except bride & groom?
If bride & groom agree; is marriage acceptable then?

Answer: According to Ahnaf, Hanafi school of thought, when a girl becomes mature, none has command\right to force her in marriage (It is called Welayah). So in presence of spouses plus two reasonable and acceptable evidences (witnesses) they can be married by Eejab and Qabool (speaking out the words of offer & acceptance).
But, if husband is not equal to wife (Kofw) in the related points and marriage is disapproved by father or other caretakers of woman, marriage can be dissolved.
It must be kept in mind that marriage is a very important move in life; man and women should ask their family members for their views then get marriage. Especially, young men and women who are matures legally, but immature in practical affairs such as marriage. You can see hundreds of examples in society; a life started with calf-love is not strong rather collapses very soon.

Dar-ul-Iftaa Darululoom Zahedan, Iran
Sep. 11, 2011



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