Great Reformer Scholars of “Turkmen Sahra”

Great Reformer Scholars of “Turkmen Sahra”
torkman“Turkmen Sahra” (ترکمن صحرا) is a big area in the northeast of Iran. It contains “Golistan” province and some parts of “North Khorasan” province. Turkmen Sahra extends from “Bandar-e-Turkmen” (Turkmen Port) city to “Raz” city of North Khorasan. Turkmenistan is the northern neighbor of Turkmen Sahra which has 400 kilo meter longitude. The well known Caspian Sea is located at the west of Turkmen Sahra. Besides there are many cities including villages located in this region such as Aq-Qala, Gonbad Kawous, Gorgan, Bandar-e-Turkmen, Kalaleh, Marva Tappe, Simin Shahr, Negin Shahr, Gamesh Tappe etc.

Turkmen race has been living in this region for some centuries. The people of Turkmen Sahra mostly speak Turkmeni, Balochi and Persian languages. Baloch and Turkmen races are Sunni Muslims and follow Hanafi school of thought. The population of the area is more than one million.
Turkmen Sahra has a bright history as many great personalities got birth and grew up in this region. Location of Gorgan (جرجان in Arabic) and Asfraeen in Turkmen Sahra proves it. This was the status of other regions of Old Persia like Naishabour, Sarakhs, Rai, Khalkhal and all Tabaristan which are surrounding areas of Turkmen Sahra.
In this article we want to introduce two great eminent scholars of the early age; Allama Abdul Qader and Abdul Wahhab Daghistani who belonged to Daghistan basically (may Allah mercy on them). They played a very important and positive role to progress morality and piety of people as they alleviated innovations and wrong deeds of the masses which they were practicing them as “Islamic custom”.
Shaikh Abdul Qader Daghistani got Islamic education from the oriented and prominent scholars of his native place, Daghistan state. Because of his good sagacity and smart brain he became a well known Muslim scholar when he was 20 years old. Meanwhile the anti imperialism movement of Shaikh Shamel spread over Daghistan. Abdul Qader Daghistani joined Shaikh Shamel’s Jihadi movement and took part in jihad against communist and brutal occupant government. He improved spiritually as he joined the wide Jihadi movement of Shaikh Shamel (Rahimahullah).
The enmity of Russian communists with Islam and Muslims is proverbial; they began assassinating Islamic scholars at that time. Due to this, Shaikh Abdul Qader along with his two brothers, Ebrahim and Muhammad, had to depart his provenance to “Turkmen Sahra”. Shaikh Daghistani faced many serious problems and troubles in the journey of migration and reached Turkmen Sahra in 1930.
Later on Shaikh Abdul Qader’s old fellow in the field of reformation and preaching, Shaikh Abdul Wahhab Daghistani reached at him and took Turkmen Sahra as his homeland. He joined his senior friend to repose their academic and cultural activities in Turkmen Sahra. They decided to eradicate innovations and superstitions from the region. They continued their reformative efforts until “Reza Khan” government imposed “Hijab Ban” regulation in Iran. Daghistani scholars rejected the edict extremely. This stance caused their second migration towards Iraqi Kurdistan.
During expiration the group of migrants stayed in Baghdad, Saqez, Sulemaniyah, Halabche, Karkouk and other cities where they got more knowledge about the Islamic sciences and civilization from Mullah Abdul Adheem Mujtahedi and Shaikh Alaauddin. Association with the great scholars of Kurdistan and Iraq made Daghistani scholars more sophistical and capable in the Islamic knowledge and education.
They got many experiences in their second migration life as they were struggling to get more and more knowledge and on the other hand they were working hard to earn legitimate aliment for their family members. Facing difficulties was a compelling case for Daghistan emigrants.
After eight years, political conditions of Iran changed and son of Reza Khan, Muhammad Reza Shah got the control of the country. So Shaikh Abdul Qader and Abdul Wahhab Daghistani fetching more and more experience and knowledge returned to Turkmen Sahra. The difficulties of migration made them maturer than they were in past.
They determined solidly to extend their cultural and spiritual movement with more struggle and sincerity in Turkmen Sahra.
The news of Daghistani fellows’ knowledge and greatness spread over the region as the seekers of knowledge and Islamic sciences came to them for seeking high education about Islam and main Islamic subjects. Eventually they established 157 Islamic seminaries where more than 4250 students were getting knowledge.
Most of the religious scholars of Turkmen Sahra are the students of Shaikh Abdul Qader and Abdul Wahhab Daghistani or students of their students.
There is another prominent seminary in Galikash city of Golistan province under supervise of Shaikh Mawlana Muhammad Hussein Gurgij. He is also Friday preacher of Azad Shahr. There are many great scholars have been playing an important role to preach Quran and Sunna in the region and train children of Muslims.
Shaikh Abdul Qader Daghistani passed away in 1961 when he was 63 years old. And Shaikh Abdul Wahhab departed to his almighty Allah in 1993, his age was 91.
May Allah place both of them in heaven with prophets, martyrs and pious, ameen.


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