Enmity and positive criticism are different, Shaikh A.Hameed told “Zahedan”

Enmity and positive criticism are different, Shaikh A.Hameed told “Zahedan”
shaikh-abdolhameed-interviewNote: The famous newspaper of Sistan & Balochistan province daily “Zahedan” had an interview with imam of the Sunnis and chairman of the Union of Sunni Schools of Sistan-Balochistan, respected Shaikh Abul Hameed; he discussed the critical matters of Sunni community as well as he talked about the fatwa of Ayatollah Khamenahi.

Few weeks ago Ayatollah Khamenahi issued a fatwa that blaspheming the prophet’s wives and sacred personalities and places of Ahl-us-Sunna is haram, what is your point of view?

As in the other parts of the world enemies of Islam and Muslims try always to spread out sectarian, especially through many TV channels, websites and other resources; they never waste any opportunity to damage Islam as well as following them in Iran there are also some elements always try to disgrace the sacred personalities of Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah, also when a Kuwaiti person in England and one person in Lebanon blasphemed the prophet’s cleaned wife Syeda A’yesha (Radhiallahu Anha) so it was expected from Shia scholars also to condemn this disrespectful acts, so it was an important fatwa which was issued by Ayatollah Khamenahi, and it had come on the right time, many people appreciated it all over the world. But unfortunately no respect was given to this fatwa inside the country; to stop the extremist elements from their negative activities, we had expected from the government TV channels, Radio channels and newspapers as well as the other information resources that they will discuss the different sides and the results of this fatwa, but sorry to say that they did not do so.
The Sunni lawmakers had requested the Iranian parliament to ban on the entire disgraceful activities in the light of this important fatwa of the Supreme Leader, but unluckily neither the parliament gave any importance to this fatwa, nor was the request accepted.
We have a lot of complaints against the government TV channels and Radio channels; they have been releasing such films, dramas and programs which contain much disgrace ness of the sacred personalities of Ahle Sunnat, the main theme of such program is to insult some important companions of the holy prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم as well the other sacred things of them.

What is the point of view of Ahl-us-Sunnah about the “Ahle Bait”, as well as what do they think about the imams of Shiite?

We (Ahl-e-Sunnat) believe that Ahle Bait consists of two kinds: some of them are the prophet’s companions like Ali bin Abi Talib, Fatima Al-Zahra, Hassan and Hussain رضی اللہ عنہم اجمعین, we respect them a lot. Some of them belonged to the holy prophet’s family, but they are not considered companions; because they did not see the holy prophet (PBUH), we respect them also from our root of hearts, rather it is an important part of our beliefs to love them, and we have made it clear many time that it is forbidden to shade blood of any Shia, or to snatch their wealth or to blaspheme their holy things.
All the time we urged both the Sunnis and Shiites to have unity, it is not just a slogan or a temporary policy; it is our ideology for ever.

I need your opinion about the Shahadat (martyrdom) of Syeda Fatima Al-Zahra رضی اللہ عنہا?

Every Sunni believes that Sayeda Fatima (Radhiyallahu Anha) was the most superior daughter of the holy prophet (PBUH) among of all his daughters, it is the part of our beliefs to love her and to respect her much and more, we think that she was a reflection of the holy prophet (PBUH), she would be the head of women in paradise; having these all best superiority we believe that she was not martyred rather she was passed away. Both the pious Caliphs, Abubakr & Omarرضی اللہ عنہما respected her a lot, even the first caliph Abubakr (RA) used to say that it is better for me to prefer the prophet’s relatives on my relatives. If the total virtues of all the martyred of the world collect, they would not cross the high status of Fatima (RA); because the status of Siddiqeen is higher than the status of Shuhada (martyred).

Despite your clear statements some sources still guess different things about you and they are busy to spread out doubts regarding your activities, why?

Such elements always consider every thing as a political matter, such media men think that their duty is to disgrace the person who plays an important role for his nation, but due to having no evidence they just accuse and degrade; as in one newspaper I was accused that I support “Nour” Satellite TV channel, and Saudi Arabia has an office in Zahedan city! However it is very clear that neither I have any kind of relationship with the mentioned TV channel nor there is any office of Saudi Arabia in Zahedan. In fact this Satellite TV channel releases programs in Persian language specially the programs related to Ahle Sunnat and it is famous for its moderating, some times they take my interview once or twice a year as you people are taking my interview, some times they broadcast my sermons regarding different subjects, it is not restricted to Nour channel, in addition to it other channels also some times interview me, I believe that every one should be free for sharing his point of view independently.
Different media resources including the regional websites usually discredit my personality, this kind of action damages extremely our unity as well as it creates a very unreliable condition in the society. If they run their activities on the right way so I would be a partner of them, but their reports are baseless and telling lie has became their habit.
I have said clearly we have no relationship with any party, moderation is our way.

An extreme condemn comes out from some elements when you go to foreign countries, can you explain the reason?

In last few years I was invited to participate in some conferences outside of Iran and in such conferences the secretary general of “Majles Taqrib Bain al-Massalik” (the Forum for Proximity of Muslim sects) Ayatollah Taskhiri was also present over there. In the mentioned conferences we just discussed on the unity of Muslim Ummah and we emphasized our Muslim brothers to discuss none of the points of difference.
I think we must solve our problems inside the country, and our national esteem also does not allow us to discuss our matters outside of the country, whenever Mr. Taskhiri boycotted the conference because of existing of Israelis, so I had also boycotted it. During my journey many journalists tried to interview me, but I refused to talk with them, my journeys were quite clear but the extremists did not coverage my travels in a positive way, rather they tried to spread doubts over my activities.

Why your two son-in-laws were arrested in the previous month?

It looks that the Iranian government wants to impose more and more pressure on the Sunni community of Iran and especially the Sunni scholars a long with me will have to face this pressure directly; few days ago there was an Islamic conference in Turkey, some Sunni scholars were invited to participate that conference, but their passports were confiscated in Tehran Airport and they were returned to Baluchistan, in fact that was only an Islamic conference nothing else, and it was damaging nothing to the country, in spite of this clear condition many Sunni scholars were summoned to Mashhad Court for Clerics just to pressurize them, my relatives were arrested while they were not indulged in any criminal activity which goes against to the country.
I think there are three reasons for this kind of pressures:

1- To condemn and criticize the poor policies of Iranian government in a clear cut words, that I have done in different interviews, speeches in a positive way. Criticism is very beneficial for any government, as it is extremely important for any government to play a moderate role, it should not be like a dictator does, I personally appreciate the positive criticism if it comes for my reforming and betterment, I never did it with a negative mind, if a person does justice I would like to help him and I consider him my friend.

2- To go against the order of “Revolution Cultural Council” which was titled by “Reforming act for Religious Schools of Sunnis”; it is a beautiful title but they are not sincere in their intention, their main aim is to get control of our seminaries. The entire Sunni scholars consider it interference in their religious affairs. The government should not interfere in the system of our religious schools; the rulers must not go against the constitutional rights of Sunnis.

3- Some elements do not differentiate between the positive criticism and the enmity; my whole critical talks including my colleagues are based only on sincerity, but due to lake of positive reply from the Iranian government we are accused by different things, so they detained my colleagues as well as relatives.

Thanks to you for giving your precious time.

You are most well come.  

Translated by “SunniOnline.us”


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