Seminar to pay tribute to late Dr. Ghazi held in D.M Zahedan

Seminar to pay tribute to late Dr. Ghazi held in D.M Zahedan
ghazi_1A seminar to pay tribute and remember the excellence personality of late Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Ghazi, a great Muslim thinker (may Allah rest his soul in eternal peace) was held on Saturday, October 30 at Darululoom Zahedan, Iran. Hundreds of students of Darululoom and different universities along with their teachers participated in this seminar. The seminar was held by the cooperation of “Neday Islam” magazine and Special Courses department of Darululoom Zahedan.

In the beginning one person recited some verses of the holy Quran, then a recorded speech of late Allama Ghazi which he had delivered in Jame’ Makki Mosque was got heard.
After listening to the speech of the late Allama, Abdul Naser Amini, a student of Darululoom Zahedan read his article, its topic was: “A man from the race of Allama Iqbal Lahori”; he described the feelings of the teachers and students of Jamia Darululoom Zahedan when they saw Allama Dr. Mahmood Ghazi coming to Darululoom  Zahedan, he mentioned briefly some important features of his life, then a student of late Dr. Ghazi at International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan presented an other article, describing different sides of his valuable life and he made the audience realize the big loss of an excellent scholar.
Then lecturer of Sistan-Balochistan University Dr. Sepahi expressed his views and thoughts and said that Dr. Allama Ghazi’s efforts will be remembered in both institutions whether they are religious or modern.
Dr. Sepahi continued saying that late Dr. Ghazi had command on the great number of most popular languages, he possessed sharp mind, in addition to it being a most popular personality all over the world was his distinguished quality, he believed that it is very important to know how to face challenges what this Ummat is facing today and it is must to plan for the best solutions.
In this seminar the audience also listened to the message of Dr. Mohammad Ghazali, the brother of Allama Mahmoud Ahmad Ghazi (may Allah mercy on him); the especial message for the seminar was recorded few hours before the gathering by telephone.
After listening to the admirable message of Dr. Ghazali, the sub-editor of “Neday-e-Islam” magazine Sheikh Sanaullah Shahnawaz presented his very valuable and brief article, the title was “the conqueror of the knowledge grounds”.
He explained the important and valuable views of late Dr. Ghazi which are in common with the views of the great eminent Muslim author late Allama Abul Hasan Ali Nadavi.

The views of Shaikh Mufti Muhammad Qasim Qasmi:

The senior teacher of Hadith at Darululoom Zahedan, Mufti Muhammad Qasem Qasemi mentioned the causes which played an important role in the life of late Dr. Ghazi to grow up the personality of him and which made him such a prominent thinker, excellent scholar, high quality writer and a good speaker.
He said more that late Dr. Ghazi has performed his divine responsibility at his level best by serving Islam & Muslims, he passed away (may Allah rest him in His paradise) when he was 60 years old.
The supervisor of Darul Iftaa Darululoom Zahedan continued saying, “I met late Dr. Ghazi first time in Islamabad, Pakistan in a seminar conducted in the respect of late Allama Nadavi, then for second time I met him in Lahore in an academic conference held on the topic of “The ways to face the challenges of the current era”, as well as I met him once in a famous conference held in Makkah by the title “Makka Interfaith Dialogue Conference”.
Mufti Qasemi urged saying, “While such meetings I understood the educational status of him, I knew that he has much valuable views, and high quality of thinking about different issues.
The editor of “Neday Islam” more added that in Makka Interfaith Dialogue where many top experienced scholars were not given opportunity to express their views because of the shortage of time, but this was the late Dr. Mahmood Ahamad Ghazi who was given opportunity to talk about the topic, certainly it was an immense lecture which wondered the audience, as that lecture is very valuable and informative I would like this lecture to be translated into Persian language.
Then respected Shaikh mentioned the causes in short which played an important role making his personality, as they are following below:
1- Dr. Ghazi’s family background, it was known a religious race;
2- Asking Allah almighty for solution of each difficult matter;
3- Being sharp in the religious knowledge;
4- Taking knowledge from all subjects, then having command on the top ones, not to be like those who limit themselves in some knowledge;
5- Having connection with his teachers and elders, though he himself was a great scholar;  
6- Humbleness which he had learned from his teachers and Shuyoukh, he was an unpretentious scholar; I think this was the main quality which strengthened his educational and academic position more and more;
7- Having a strong believe and deed as he stood straight over the cruel dictator Parvez Musharraf’s wrong policies; Musharraf was trying to take strict action against Pakistani seminaries, so he didn’t sit quite rather he protested against him, more over when he was pressured to be removed from his seat, so he sacrificed as well;
8- Being broad minded in the living life.
At the end of his speech respected Shaikh said, “The main aim of this seminar is to realize our responsibilities, we need such personalities and graduates from the religious institutions to serve the nation”.

Speech of Shikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul Hameed:

After Shaikh Qasemi, the last speaker Imam and Khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan Shaikh Abdul Hameed shared his valuable views regarding the seminar and Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Ghazi and said, “Late Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi was a great thinker of this present time as it was realized by any one who met him, his demise is considered the death of distinguished personalities, certainly it is a big loss for the Muslim nation, undoubtedly he deserves to say this proverb about him: “موت العالِم موت العالَم”, the death of a scholar is the death of the world.”
Shaikh further said that he lived not only for him self or his family, country and even Muslim nation rather he lived for the entire human being that is why he was a universal personality, certainly such personalities are actual servers of any nation to bring up them in a good way, and thus the public take more and more advantages of their lives.
At the end the eminent Sunni scholar again expressed his deep grief over the sudden death of Allama Ghazi and prayed to Almighty God to place him in paradise.



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