Yaser Habeeb Must be Punished

Yaser Habeeb Must be Punished
yaser-habibAll praises go to Allah almighty, may Allah bless his best messenger among the entire messengers as well as the blessings may be upon his companions and his family and every person who followed them. After! Allah almighty says “النبي أولى بالمؤمنين من أنفسهم وأزواجه:  أمهاتهم” ); The Prophet is closer to the believers than themselves, and his wives are their mothers) ,all the prophet’s wives are the important individuals of prophet’s family, as they are called in the holy Quran “the wives who are clean”(Azwaj e Mutahhrat); as the blessed book holy Quran says clearly that the prophet’s wives are the mothers of Muslim ummah, they are the faithful of holy prophet (PBUH) and Ayesha Siddiqa (RA) is one of them, rather the Allah’s messenger expressed a lot of virtues of Syda Ayesha Siddiqa (RA), that is why disliking a single wife of holy prophet (PBUH) is actually disliking the holy prophet (PBUH); obviously it will call to the extremely punishment of Allah.

Ayesha Siddiqa (RA) is a very distinguished wife of holy prophet (PBUH); many virtues of Ayesha (RA) are mentioned in the great sayings of the prophet Muhammad (Alayhi Assalam). Before to become the prophet’s wife three times she had been glad of being wife of him (PBUH) here (this world) as well as the Hereafter (in Janna), holy prophet (PBUH) says: “The preference of Ayesha (RA) on other women is like the preference of stew on other foods”.(Muttafaq Alaihe). The Holy prophet (PBUH) says: “Oh Ayesha! This is Gabriel, he says salaam (peace) to you, she replied salaam and blessings be upon him too”. (Muttafaq Alaihe). The Holy prophet married none of virgins except Syeda Ayesha (RA), she was very close to him  (PBUH) indeed; as he lived his last days in her home, he passed away in her home, and he was buried in her home.
Certainly cursing his wives is exactly blasspheme of the holy prophet (PBUH), every one must keep in his mind that any one who abuses the Allah’s messenger, Allah almighty would keep him away from His blessings Here as well as Hereafter, and he has prepared extreme punishment for them.
Undoubtedly the sectarian and very shameful meeting which was conducted before few days concerned the Muslim community a lot. According to details one person named “Yasir al Habib” from Kuwait connects himself with Shia community.
He held a ceremony in UK celebrating the death day of Syeda Ayesha Siddiqa (Radiyallahu anha) who is the mother of entire Muslim ummah, who is Siddiqah (true) and daughter of Siddiq (The first caliph Abu Bakr al Siddiq).
More over this person abused her, cursed her, accused her with the Kuffar (None believers), and mentioned her with the other worse words.
Surely such kinds of meetings will increase the troubles of Muslim ummah, it will damage all the efforts which have been done for the sake of keeping unity between the entire Muslim ummah; because this ummah can not put up with saying worse about the blessed personalities, besides how can a person declare him self a Muslim and hates the wives of holy prophet (PBUH), we just think which lesson would be taken by none Muslim when such kinds of worse meetings are conducted by the persons who declare them selves Muslims.
The official website of the Sunni community of Iran, SunniOnline, asks extreme punishment for such persons; in order to be a lesson for others, in the same way it is the duty of Muslim scholars, Islamic organizations and the entire Muslim ummah to defend the Islamic ideologies and the important blessed personalities, they should raise their voices against such hated individuals who attack the Islamic respectable personalities and things.



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