10 days leave for Adhimabad’s prisoners

10 days leave for Adhimabad’s prisoners
shabab-azimabadZAHEDAN: Ten days leave has been given to the five young Sunnis who were sentenced by a local court after being arrested in the case of destroying Islamic school “Darululoom Imam Abu Hanifa, Adheemabad” of Sunnis.

It is remarkable that in August 2008 the Iranian officials demolished Darululoom Imam Abu Hanifah which is located in the south east of Iran near Zabol city, north of Sistan & Baluchistan province.
Following the case of school’s demolition a group of Sunni scholars and young people were arrested by Iranian intelligence agencies; recently six of the detainees sentenced from two years to five years.
SunniOnline came to know that few days ago one of these prisoners was released, and we hope that the five ones also God willing would be fully released.

Source: SunniOnline.us


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