Competition of Hifz and Qira’h held in Darululoom Zahedan

Competition of Hifz and Qira’h held in Darululoom Zahedan
mosabaqaZAHEDAN: A competition of Hifz (memorizing Quran by heart) and reciting Qura’n with the best sound (Tajweed) was held at Darululoom Zahedan University.

More than sixty students participated in this circle. The program of competitions began at12 May on Wednesday at 3:15 pm, under the auspices of Darululoom Zahedan University. And this honorable ceremony concluded its activities on Thursday at 9:30 morning.
This session of the competitions, where Huffaz (those who have memorized the holy Qura’n completely) and Qurra’ (those who have learned the holy Qura’n by good sound, Tajweed) of Zahedan and its surroundings’ Madaaris (religious schools) took part, was set up in the following sections:
1- The branch of Qira’h and recitation (buds and adults)
2- The branch of memorizing of all Qura’n (for adults and buds)
3- The branch of 20 parts (para) of the Qura’n (for adults and buds)
4- Memorizing 10 parts of the Qura’n (for buds only)

It is worthy to mention that the last session of the competitions was held at eleven O’clock with the speech of Shaikh Abdul Hameed, the distribution of prizes among the winners in the different branches was the last part of the ceremony.



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