Second term exam in Darululoom Zahedan

Second term exam in Darululoom Zahedan
emtahanatThe second term exam at Darululoom Zahedan University had begun at 3rd April on Saturday, and ended at 8th April on Thursday.

Nearly thousand of Darululoom Zahedan’s students attended this session of test. The test was set up at two separated times.
At the end of test, the administration of university announced a full week holiday where students enjoy their vocations and visit their families and relatives.
It is worthy to say that like other Sunni educational institutions, the religious schools of them in Iran have been establishing since ancient times the three sessions of test yearly in order to maintain the educational balance. These sessions of examinations help students to pay more attention on seeking knowledge thus they can learn and study their books easily not having any problem. It leaves the positive results to understand the texts books.


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