‘The qualified Sunnis must be employed in ministries’

‘The qualified Sunnis must be employed in ministries’
mohammadiEngineer Iqbal Mohammadi, the representative of “Mariwan” city in the Islamic Consultative Assembly (parliament of Iran) – to remind him through a constitutional article – has asked to give opportunity to qualified people of the Sunnis in government ministries.

According to Fars News Agency’s correspondent in the parliament, recalling polychlorinated ninth and eleventh of the Constitution, in the Shura Council, on Wednesday “Mohammadi” said: “We have discussed the issue several times with the President both verbal and written. We (Sunnis) are more than twenty million people but policy which Iranian government has adopted to keep Sunnis deprived of key posts, also salient participation to this prestigious class in the last election, as well as due to the promises given to the President in his campaign, we do not expect good decision which favor of the Sunnis in the parliament.”
Mohammadi added: “Despite their higher qualifications and the representation background the activity of the Sunni representatives in the parliament is limited. The Sunni representative stressed in another part of his notice, saying: our hope that the executive board will take care of these more transverse and will take measures by the use of the capabilities and merits of those who have high academic qualifications among the Sunnis and employed them at the ministerial level, even if its “director general” of assistant ministries in the country.
Iqbal Mohammadi further reminded another issue basis of Article No. 192 of the Charter of procedure of parliament: We asked various ministries several times through our speeches and letters should take the initiative to resolve the issues and dilemmas of regional and national levels, but unfortunately not received answers and responses in this area to know whether have the right to these questions and reminders, or not? What are the ministries responses to our questions and objections? I request the executive board to pursue this issue.


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