• Between the Prophet’s Hijrah and Today’s Migration

    Published on : 17 11 2012

    As Muslims all over the world celebrate the Hijrah occasion at a time when many challenges still hinder development and prosperity in many parts of the Muslim world, one cannot help but asking, what have Muslims learnt from the concept of Hijrah, which forced the early Muslims, led by the Prophet (peace and blessings be […]


  • Strive for Allah’s Special Patronage

    Published on : 06 11 2012

    The concept of patronage in Arabic (wilāyah) is related to the idea of closeness and loyalty as well as to that of authority.


  • The water cycle and the seas in the Quran

    Published on : 22 10 2012

    When the verses of the Quran concerning the role of water in man’s existence are read in succession today, they appear to express ideas that are obvious. The reason for this is simple: in our day and age, we all know about the water cycle in nature to a greater or lesser extent.


  • Ten Blessed Days: Don’t Miss

    Published on : 17 10 2012

    By His wisdom, God gave preference to some places and times over others. For Muslims, Friday is the best day of the week, Ramadan is the best month of the year, “Laylat al-Qadr” is the best night in Ramadan, the day of “Arafah” is the best day of the year. Likewise the first ten days […]


  • Tolerance in Islam

    Published on : 04 10 2012

    When defining one of its important aspects, Islam, it means complete submission to Allah by choice and conviction, not through seduction or compulsion. Islam accommodates and welcomes all people as brothers and sisters regardless of their distinctive/particular affiliations or backgrounds.


  • Basic Dictates of Love, Mercy & Compassion

    Published on : 01 10 2012

    Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The believers, in their love, mercy and compassion for each other, are like a single body; if one part of it feels pain, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever.” [Sahīh al-Bukhārī (6011) and Sahīh Muslim (2586)]


  • Scriptural Knowledge, Unity & Dissention

    Published on : 24 09 2012

    “This community of yours is a single community, and I am your Lord, so worship me.” [Sūrah al-Anbiyā’: 92]


  • How 4 Schools of Law Came to Dominate

    Published on : 13 09 2012

    Throughout most of its history, the Muslim world’s legal thinking has taken place within the framework of four schools of law: those of Abū Hanīfah, Mālik, al-Shāfi`ī, and Ahmad b. Hanbal.


  • The Levels of Tawakkul: Trust and Reliance on Allah

    Published on : 09 09 2012

     Those who have Tawakkul do not abandon material resources, The people of Tawakkul know the balance between action and trust in Allah (The Most High).


  • Muslims in Tajikistan

    Published on : 20 05 2012

    Tajikistan is the Muslim post-Soviet republic on the Northern board of Afghanistan. During the last 20 years and after collapse of the USSR, this small young state has demonstrated four unique phases of very contradictory and tangled interaction between a secular government and politically loaded Muslim community.