• Virtues of the Day of Arafaah

    Published on : 13 10 2013

    1.                     It is the day on which the religion was perfected and Allaah’s Favour was completed.


  • What it means to assume a state of ‘Ihram’ during hajj

    Published on : 05 10 2013

    Each year millions of Muslims perform the hajj pilgrimage, convening in the holy city of Makkah, in modern day Saudi Arabia, to enact rites laid down in Islam’s holy book, the Quran.


  • The Character of Abū Hanīfah

    Published on : 30 09 2013

    Abū Hanīfah was a handsome, well dressed man of middle height. He always kept his appearance tidy and wore a pleasant fragrance. He was well-spoken and had a melodious voice. His speech was open and unpretentious.


  • Make Your Habitual Acts Good Ones

    Published on : 12 09 2013

          We carry out many of our activities mechanically without thinking about them, like walking, typing, eating, dressing, enunciating, and driving.


  • Hajj: Renewal of Self

    Published on : 04 09 2013

          What are the blessings of Hajj? One may describe them in great detail. But, in the Qur’an, where Allah instructs Ibrahim to invite people to come to Hajj, it is said:


  • Bassem Youssef and Freedom of Expression

    Published on : 10 04 2013

    Released on bail after questioning by the Egyptian Prosecutor General, Bassem Youssef and his El Bernameg (The Program) that imitates the famous Jon Stewart’s The Show in the US have sparked considerable controversy over freedom of expression in Egypt.


  • Looking for New Steps in Islamic Finance

    Published on : 02 04 2013

    Islamic banking industry has grown rapidly during the past three decades spreading itsoperations in many parts of the globe.


  • Never Be Shy to Seek Islamic Knowledge

    Published on : 21 03 2013

    When it comes to what we need to know about our religion, there are no foolish questions. There are no embarrassing questions. There are no awkward questions. We need to obey Allah in all aspects of our lives, and especially in matters of worship, and we should never be shy to ask those who have […]


  • Al-Haqq – Allah is the Truth

    Published on : 20 02 2013

    The Qur’ān attributes this name to Allah ten times. For instance: “On that day Allah will pay them in full their just reward, and they shall know that Allah is the Evident Truth.” [Sūrah al-Nūr: 25]


  • To Err on the Side of Caution

    Published on : 16 02 2013

    People find themselves confronted with a lot of divergent opinions. Someone says it is an Islamic duty. Someone else says it is preferable but not obligatory. A third says it is merely an optional matter.