• The Judicial System in Islam

    Published on : 25 11 2010

    Introduction: Man is a social being by nature.  He cannot live perpetually on his own, completely independent of others.  People are interdependent.  Consequently, friction arise between them when their personal interests come into conflict with each other, or when what they perceive as their individual rights infringe upon those of others.  Conflicts between them inevitably […]


  • The Economic System of Islam

    Published on : 23 11 2010

    Introduction: As a complete way of life, Islam has provided guidelines and rules for every sphere of life and society.  Naturally, a functioning economic system is vital for a healthy society, as the consumption of goods and services, and the facilitation of this by a common medium of exchange, play a major role in allowing […]


  • Status of Slave Women in Islam

    Published on : 22 11 2010

    Question: Is it true that Islam permits Muslim men to own slave women, and permits them to have sex with them without marrying them? And that this was carried out by the Prophet’s Companions with his approval? Surely, this is in contradiction of the Qur’an’s condemnation of zina. Could you please clarify this issue?


  • Moscow Muslims pray on sidewalks for want of mosques

    Published on : 28 10 2010

    It is a typical Friday scene — worshippers kneeling in the rain outside Moscow’s biggest mosque, forced to use their shoes to anchor their prayer rugs to keep them from blowing away in the autumn winds.


  • Etiquettes of differing in Islam

    Published on : 10 10 2010

    Islam has imposed high standards for how the Muslim who follows the methodology of the Prophetic Sunnah (tradition) should deal with his brother who has differed with him on an issue of ‘Ijtihaad’ (exercise of independent judgment in matters that have no specific mention in the Quran or Sunnah).


  • The virtues of ‘Aa’ishah

    Published on : 02 10 2010

    What are the virtues of ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her)? Can you tell us something about her so that we women may follow her example? This is a matter that is of interest to me and my friends, and we are studying the religion.


  • A new Muslim wants to learn the religion

    Published on : 30 09 2010

    My questions involves many things..i am a very new convert an at first i was praying all prays as best i could (i dont know arabic)someone told me i should only speak in arabic …so in the end i have stopped praying ..i think of allah many times in the day ..an follow the teachings […]


  • The virtue of the Sahaabah

    Published on : 26 09 2010

    Praise be to Allaah. Belief in the good character and virtue of the Sahaabah is the belief of Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah. That is because Allaah has praised them in His Book and they were also praised by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) as is narrated in the books of Sunnah. […]


  • Aisha bint Abu Bakr radiallahoanhoma

    Published on : 21 09 2010

    Gradually the Muslims who remained in Mecca left the city and traveled to Medina to join their beloved Prophet, and amongst them was a little girl called ‘A’isha, the daughter of Abu Bakr. Soon after arriving in Medina, ‘A’isha, who was now nine years old, as married to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of […]


  • Muadh ibn Jabal

    Published on : 06 09 2010

    Muadh ibn Jabal was a young man growing up in Yathrib as the light of guidance and truth began to spread over the Arabian peninsula. He was a handsome and imposing character with black eyes and curly hair and immediately impressed whoever he met. He was already distinguished for the sharpness of his intelligence among […]