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Iranians held a referendum for justice, freedom

Iranians held a referendum for justice, freedom

Referring to the anniversary of holding the referendum after the victory of the 1979 revolution, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader considered justice, freedom and political and economic transformations to be the main aspirations of the Iranian people. “Today, people believe that the promises of 1997 revolution have not been fulfilled, “said shaikh Abdol-Hamid.
He was talking to tens of thousands of worshipers before the Friday prayers on March 29, 2024.

Economic and political developments were among the main promises of the revolution
The Iranian top Sunni leader referred to the unfulfilled promises of the 1979 revolution and said: “The day of the referendum in Iran was a great day. After the victory of the revolution, people took part in a referendum to choose the type of system in Iran. Most people declared that they want a republic type of the Islamic system. Iranians voted to establish justice and freedom; I also voted as an Iranian citizen”. “In those days, beautiful songs with the theme of freedom were sung. Justice, freedom, equality and fraternity were among the main slogans. In those days, it was promised that poverty would be eradicated and all the capital of the country would be spent in internal affairs. Political freedoms, freedom of speech and pen were among the most important slogans. They (authorities) said that everyone would be able to speak and criticize openly, “said the Friday Imam of Sunnis in Zahedan.

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid continued his speech by saying: “The people of Iran remembered the freedoms of the era of the holy Prophet, the righteous caliphs and the Caliph Ali, May Allah be pleased with them. People expected the freedoms of the Islamic era”.

The Islamic Republic system was established by the will of the people; not through coups and guns
The most outstanding Iranian Sunni cleric went on to say: “The system of the Islamic Republic was established by the will of the people, not through a coup or by force of weapons. People did not carry with them weapons in the Islamic revolution. If people fought with weapons, the military forces would have shot at them, but people came to the scene with slogans”.
He added: “The people brought the Islamic Republic to victory. Scholars were in the forefront. Academics students, and all parties accompanied the revolution. Women and youth created epics and got victory in the revolution”.

The country’s economy is sick
There is no economic stability

The Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan referred to the economic problems of the country and said: “If there is no political stability, there will be no economic stability. People believe that the promises of the 1997 revolution were not fulfilled. The economy has been hit so much that the value of the national currency is falling daily. This indicates a sick economy”.
He continued his speech by saying: “If there is no economic stability, life will be difficult. If people are going to buy goods at a high price and sell them at a low price, how can they hope to do business?Problems increase when the pillars are not stable. Politics and economy are connected with each other. I believe that if you consult with the economists of the world to solve economic problems, they will not be able to solve them. Rather, in order to solve economic problems, you must change policies”.
“What the authority can do when he plans at night and sleeps and then sees that the value of the dollar has risen in the morning. Of course he cannot do miracle”. “Therefore, politics and economy are two big bases; if you neglect them, everything will be lost. While all presidents promised to solve economic problems, now the economic situation is critical, people are worried. The economy must be managed correctly. In some countries, after a hundred years, economy has not weakened but strengthened; it depends on how to manage the affairs, said the president of Darululoom Zahedan.

All systems in the world need people’s support to survive
The eminent Iranian Sunni scholar went on to say: “When people choose a system, they must be present in the scene to protect that system. People’s support protect the system. Today, some people say that a referendum should be held to solve the problems but the authorities are not willing to hold a referendum. The officials know and see that the situation is critical and people are not satisfied”.
“All systems of the world, whether they are Islamic or non-Islamic, need People’s support. The biggest policy to maintain any system is to maintain people. I believe that the first power belongs to Allah and the second power in the world belongs to people. Allah Almighty says to His Prophet: O Prophet! Allah and people are enough for you, “said Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan.

America and Europe are under the pressure of their nations about the Gaza war
The international community must prevent Israel from oppression

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader referred to the destructive war in Gaza and said: “I do not agree that the America is the first power in the world but the American nation has the biggest power, not the American government. As we see today that the majority of American people are against the war in Gaza. And we see that now the US has changed some of its policy in this regard. Europe is also under the pressure from its own nation to stop the Gaza war, because it is a destructive war and Israel is massacring the people of Gaza”.
“If the Palestinian Hamas militants killed about 1,600 Israelis in the October 7 attack, Israel would have killed the same number of those who committed this, but why Israel massacres women, children and innocent people and destroys cities and hospitals?, “Shaikh Abdol-Hamid questioned. “Israel wants to take revenge of the Holocaust from the people of Gaza, while the people of Gaza had no role in this matter, “he added more.

Caliph Ali was a prominent figure in the world
The Friday Imam of Zahedan pointed to the martyrdom days of Caliph Ali and said: “The Caliph Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, was one of the accepted figures of the world. All Muslims accept him. We believe that all the Companions and Ahlul-bayt of the holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him were great people, because the Prophet himself trained them”.
“No teacher has been born to be as skilled as the holy Prophet Muhammad and the Prophet Ibrahim, May Allah be bless them. Everyone’s skill can be appreciated in his position but the holy Prophet was the most skilled teacher and all his students were sincere, “he added.
“Of course, according to the opinion of Sunnis, the Companions were not infallible and they committed sins and mistakes, but they were forgiven from Allah Almighty, “Shaikh Abdol-Hamid concluded his points.


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