• Marc’s Journey to Islam (Part 2)

    Published on : 15 03 2011

    It seemed clear that Islam had all of the answers. It cleared up the confusion of the lie of the trinity, and asserted Jesus’ true role as a prophet, and not the son of God.Islam revered all of the prophets, peace and blessings of God be upon them, and recognized them for the great people […]


  • My Life Was Nothing But Carefully Crafted Lies. Young American Discovers Islam (Part 1)

    Published on : 14 03 2011

    My journey to Islam is, it is safe to say, not the usual one. Most white converts I have met came from a liberal and very open background. My upbringing was far from this.Both of my parents were in the US military and my upbringing was very strict. My father was very racist, and because […]


  • Position of Women in Islam — Social Aspect

    Published on : 10 03 2011

    Prior to the advent of Islam, female infanticide was practiced by the Arabs.Islam not only succeeded in uprooting this evil practice by declaring it to be murder, but also ended the prevalent notion that the birth of a girl was not as auspicious as the birth of a boy. Islam teaches that the birth of […]


  • 18 Sources of Barakah

    Published on : 05 03 2011

    If we were to look for an Islamic definition of Productivity, it’ll probably be summarised in the word “barakah” or Blessing. Being able to achieve more with little resources, doing much in little time, and generate a lot with little effort surely is a blessing from Allah (SWT). Yet Barakah has somehow become a lost […]


  • What Islaam Says About Dating

    Published on : 16 02 2011

    The most common questions I get from young people are, “Do Muslims date?” and, “If they don’t date, how do they decide whose the right person for them to marry?”


  • Month of Rabi-ul-Awwal

    Published on : 01 02 2011

    Rabi-ul-Awwal is the most significant month in the Islamic history, because humanity has been blessed in this month by the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Before the birth of the Holy Prophet, not only the Arabian peninsula, but also the so-called civilised nations of Rome and Persia were drowned in the darkness of […]


  • Salaah :: An Idea Can Change your Life !

    Published on : 14 01 2011

    Here are practical ways we can improve and enjoy our Salaah as it was meant to be! Today we have indeed come to treat the Prayer (Salaah) as something insignificant in our lives. Very often we hear our elders say, “I will start praying when the time comes.”


  • Where can French Muslims pray?

    Published on : 20 12 2010

    France’s Muslims ‘love to have a clean hall to pray in’ as lack of space in Mosques leaves worshipers praying in streets.  The daughter of French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was under fire Sunday for comparing Muslims praying in the streets outside overcrowded mosques in France to the Nazi occupation.


  • The virtue of fasting ‘Ashoora’

    Published on : 10 12 2010

    I heard that fasting the day of ‘Ashoora’ expiates for the past year, is this true? Does it expiate for everything, even major sins? What is the reason for venerating this day?.


  • The First Jewish Rabbi Convert to Islam

    Published on : 29 11 2010

    Al-Husayn ibn Salam was a Jewish rabbi in Yathrib [Madinah] who was widely respected and honored by the people of the city, even by those who were not Jewish.He was known for his piety and goodness, his upright conduct, and his truthfulness.