• Praying Like a Robot

    Published on : 06 02 2010

    Q: As a new Muslim, I sometimes suffer from a lack of faith. I will pray in almost a robotic fashion, only because I am obligated and fear Allah. There is no emotion in it. I find that during these times I am making a few mistakes and really feel better when I rectify them. […]


  • Is the Muslim God male or female?

    Published on : 27 01 2010

    Question: Is the Muslim God male or female؟ Answer: Thank you for your question .


  • The congregational prayer

    Published on : 22 01 2010

    The virtues of the congregational prayer:Performing the (obligatory) prayers in congregation is mandatory and required of every believing adult male who has no excuse for not doing so. Many authentic narrations highlight the superiority and excellence of praying in congregation. Among these narrations are:


  • 2009 for Netherlands’ Muslims

    Published on : 19 01 2010

    With the arrival of the hopefully better new year, Euro-Muslims team thought of displaying slideshows of Muslims’ harvest of the year in some European countries. In the series of “2009 harvest,” all prominent Muslim-related events are highlighted with their impact on the Muslim communities on all levels. Some of the countries covered in this series […]