• Afghan police ‘kill civilians’

    Published on : 06 02 2010

    Afghan border police have killed seven civilians after opening fire on a group of villagers they mistook for fighters, according to a police official in Kandahar province.


  • Aafia Siddiqui Verdict Angers Pakistanis

    Published on :

    KARACHI – News that an American court has found Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui guilty of trying to kill US servicemen in Afghanistan drew rebuke from her family and lawmakers.


  • 10 killed in Lower Dir explosion

    Published on : 04 02 2010

    LOWER DIR: At least 10 people, including three US Marines, one pakistani soldier and five female students have been killed in Shahi Koto, tehsil Balam Bat, Wednesday. The blast took place near a school building and school children are among the injured. According to reports, 105 people, including five soldiers and 40 female school students, […]


  • Karzai to consult Saudi leaders

    Published on : 02 02 2010

    Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, is hoping to launch a peace initiative with the Taliban and allied groups by reaching out to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah.


  • Somali capital clashes claim lives

    Published on : 01 02 2010

    Anti-government fighters have fired mortar bombs at the presidential palace in the Somali capital, prompting return fire by troops that killed at least 16 people, medical officials and residents say.


  • NATO air strikes kills its loyal troops!

    Published on : 31 01 2010

    NATO forces clashed with Afghan troops Saturday at a snow-covered highway outpost, calling in an airstrike that killed four Afghan soldiers, U.S. and Afghan officials said.


  • US in Secret Yemen Operations

    Published on : 29 01 2010

    CAIRO – American military teams and intelligence agencies are involved in secret joint military operations with Yemeni troops that killed scores of Al-Qaeda people in recent weeks.


  • Bangladesh hangs Mujib killers

    Published on : 28 01 2010

    Five former Bangladeshi soldiers have been executed for the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the country’s independence leader and first president, in a military coup over three decades ago.


  • Plan considered to buy off Taliban

    Published on :

    Al Jazeera has learnt that a plan is being considered to pay up to $1bn to Taliban fighters to persuade them to lay down their arms.In advance of an international conference in London to discuss Afghanistan’s future on Thursday, Japan, the United States and Britain are said to be leading the proposal.


  • Sheikh AbdulHameed:the discrimination policies must be changed

    Published on : 27 01 2010

    Sheikh Abdul Hameed demanded the Iranian government to review the discriminatory policies which Sunni sect has been suffering in Iran for many years.