• No Muslims For Mumbai Flat

    Published on : 09 11 2013

    An anti-Muslim ad posted on a popular property site has sparked controversy on the broker’s ad that says “No Muslims are welcome”.


  • Slovak Muslims: Dreams & Challenges

    Published on : 29 10 2013

    Surrounded by a relatively small Muslim community, Jozef Lenč, a Slovak political science teacher at university, was able to discover his own road towards Islam.


  • Korean Muslims Want Mosques, Halal Food

    Published on : 26 10 2013

    Pointing to challenges facing Muslims in South Korea, a new study has revealed that more mosques, halal restaurants and better understanding of Islam were needed to encourage more Muslims students to study in the Asian country.


  • Fear Grips Burma Muslims

    Published on : 03 10 2013

    Terrified Muslim families on the hide in Burma forests a day after fleeing new sectarian violence that erupted in the divided region.


  • US Pilgrims Reminded of Legal Rights

    Published on :

    Helping thousands of Muslims who prepare to perform hajj this year, a US advocacy group has shared tips with US Muslims to be aware of their legal rights and responsibilities as citizens and travelers when leaving from or returning to the United States.


  • UK College Reverses Niqab Ban

    Published on : 15 09 2013

          UK Muslims have welcomed a leading British college’s decision to lift a ban on Muslim face-veils after a petition calling for the dropping of the ban gathered thousands of signatures.


  • Muslims Mark World Hijab Day

    Published on : 05 09 2013

            Commemorating the fifth anniversary of Germany’s Muslim hijab martyr, world Muslim women defended their right to choose to wear hijab on World Hijab Day marked on September 4.


  • NY Police betrayed Muslims

    Published on : 29 08 2013

    New revelations that New York police department has designated mosques and Islamic organizations across the city as “terrorist organizations” has sent shock waves among Muslims, feeling betrayed by authorities after long years of cooperation to build trust.


  • Uighur Muslim kicked from home over Niqab

    Published on :

    A Uighur Muslim woman has been forced by Chinese authorities to evict her rented property in the northwestern region of Xinjiang for wearing a face veil, in a clear violation of her human rights.


  • Kids’ Islamic Books Offer Rare Education

    Published on : 21 08 2013

          In a bid to offer Muslim children an Islamic education, an American Muslim teacher has issued a new series of Islamic books in English for children, filling an important void for the English-speaking Muslim minorities worldwide.