• Myanmar to list ‘Rohingya’ muslims as ‘Bengalis’ during census

    Published on : 30 03 2014

    Myanmar said Saturday that Muslims would not be allowed to register as “Rohingya” in its first census in three decades despite UN assurances, on the eve of a survey that has fanned sectarian tensions.


  • Myanmar gov’t denies that it massacred Muslims

    Published on : 13 03 2014

    A Myanmar government commission has rejected United Nations’ claims that an anti-Muslim massacre took place in the west of the country in January.


  • Muslims Cleansed From CAR: UN

    Published on : 09 03 2014

    Top UN official for refugees warned that entire Muslim populations from western parts of Central African Republic have been cleansed by Christian militias, sending an emotional appeal to the UN Security Council to stop the deadly conflict, France 24 reported on Friday, March 7.


  • MSF deeply shocked at expulsion from Myanmar

    Published on : 01 03 2014

    Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) has said it has been expelled from Myanmar and that tens of thousands of lives are at risk in the country.


  • French Muslims sue magazine over blasphemy

    Published on : 20 02 2014

    A French Muslims legal organisation is suing a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after it published inflammatory cartoons insulting Qur’an.


  • Christian Militias Destroy CAR Mosques

    Published on : 17 02 2014

    from area to another, Christian mobs have been targeting Muslim places of worship in central Africa, killing Muslims and looting their belongings, as violence rocked the restive country.


  • Denmark Outlaws Religious Slaughter

    Published on :

    A Danish government’s move to ban ritual slaughter has angered both Muslim and Jewish faith communities, seeing the ban as a direct attack on their religious practices.


  • UK Muslims Speak Against Marital Abuse

    Published on : 15 02 2014

    Criticizing the UK Muslim community for lagging in its activism and opposition to marital abuse, Muslim scholars and social workers insist that social stigma and fear of associating the phenomenon with Islam are still acting as powerful deterrents for anyone who wants to address the repressing issue.


  • Islam 2nd Largest Religion in Italy

    Published on : 13 02 2014

    Members of the Italian Muslim community have come together to discuss problems facing the religious minority, highlighting Muslim contributions to the Italian economy and complaining about lack of official status for the second largest religious group in the country.


  • Kenya Faiths Oppose Mosques Shutdown

    Published on : 12 02 2014

    A Kenyan government plan to close two mosques in Mombasa following the much criticized raid on a city mosque earlier this month has stirred condemnations from both Muslim and Christian leaders, warning that such a move would fuel radicalization in the city.