• Take Benefit of Your Health Before Your Sickness

    Published on : 24 05 2014

    This series is to shed light on the emotional wisdom of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the light of his Prophetic Teachings (Hadiths) guiding us on how to deal with the challenges and afflictions that we face, such as handling sickness, unemployment, poverty, separation, death, etc. or even the challenge of getting through […]


  • without patience???

    Published on : 18 05 2014

    I am sitting on my comfortable orange reclining chair, in front of my computer screen, which is situated in my room. The desk that holds the computer is covered with books, and all the luxuries one can ask for.



    Published on : 13 05 2014

    The popular belief is that if a young person grows up used to doing something, he or she shall grow old doing the same thing and if he or she grows old doing that same thing, he or she will die doing it.


  • DON’T WORRY THIS IS FROM ALLAH (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa)

    Published on : 08 05 2014

    The wives of our beloved Prophet, Hadhrat Muhammad (SallAllaahu Alaihe WaSallam) are, without doubt, the best examples for Muslim women to follow. When Muslim women are given models of performance they turn to these women to show piety, steadfastness, honesty and obedience.


  • Muslims Don’t Fall in Love before Marriage

    Published on : 07 05 2014

    “Muslims don’t fall in love before marriage,” the woman said proudly. “That’s something only non-Muslims do.”


  • The Prophet’s Contribution to Human Thought

    Published on : 06 05 2014

    To arrive at a correct appraisal of the Prophet’s contribution to human thought, one has to view it in the background of the history of the world as a whole.


  • LOVE FOR ALLAH (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa)

    Published on : 04 05 2014

    When we love Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa), that love draws us closer to Him and helps us build a strong relationship that can help us in this life and in Aakhirah (Hereafter).


  • History of Medicine in the Islamic Civilization

    Published on : 03 05 2014

    For early Muslims, knowledge was a treasure they would eagerly seek. Medical science and pharmacy were no exceptions.


  • Al-Layth Ibn Sa’d: the Imaam of the Egyptians

    Published on : 29 04 2014

    He was one of the great Imaams of jurisprudence. He was a pious, ascetic, truthful scholar who abstained from unlawful acts. He was also sincere, humble, forbearing, and kind-hearted when dealing with people.


  • Summary of Events after Hijrah

    Published on : 24 04 2014

    1st year of Hijrah1. As soon as the Prophet  reached Madinah, he built a Mosque for prayers. The walls were made of mud and the roof was made of leafy stalks of date trees.