• The Prophet Visits His Neighbors

    Published on : 27 10 2015

    Before the morning is out, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) often pays a visit to a relative or one of his Companions.


  • Why Do I Love Allah?

    Published on : 20 10 2015

    The more I know Allah, the more my love for Him grows and my desire to have more knowledge of His Perfect Names and Attributes increases.


  • Wishing Islam for My Parents

    Published on : 17 10 2015

    I woke up from a dream. One of those dreams that fills you with emotion; that feels so real you desperately cling to it as it’s swept away by consciousness.


  • New Hijri Year Resolutions!

    Published on : 15 10 2015

    Milestones are markers fundamental to the human psyche. As we come to the end of the calendar year, outside of the controversies surrounding the months of Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah, have we given any thought to the other months of the hijri (Islamic) calendar?


  • The Power of Knowledge

    Published on : 05 10 2015

    Greek and Muslim scholars were very dissimilar in their methods. Muslim scholars were more into experimentation and practical advancement, whereas the Greeks relied on theoretical and philosophical knowledge.


  • Reading The Prophet’s Biography Led Me to Islam

    Published on : 17 09 2015

    Before I was Muslim I was what you could classify as a “typical British lad”. I used to go out drinking on a Saturday evening, and all that kind of thing.


  • Will You Seize the Gift of Dhul Hijjah?

    Published on : 16 09 2015

    If I could choose some kind of super powers for myself, I would want to be able to freeze time.


  • Introduction to Hajj by American Convert

    Published on : 12 09 2015

    The fifth Pillar of Islam is the pilgrimage to Makkah and its surroundings known as Hajj.


  • Enjoying Married Life the Halal Way

    Published on : 26 07 2015

    Her hands still show faint remnants of the intricate patterns of henna applied on the day of her nikah.


  • Why We Converted to Islam?

    Published on : 11 07 2015

    Attracted by Muslim Manners (American sister) My introduction to Islam first and foremost came from Muslims. My first introduction to meeting a Muslim person was when I was working in college at a restaurant that was owned by a Palestinian.