• This Is How Islam Stole My Heart…

    Published on : 12 11 2016

    What she had thought all her life about Islam has nothing to do with the true religion and the real Muslims she met with. How did the new Muslim convert find her way to the truth? How did Islam steal her heart?


  • The month of Safar: Bad omens are not from the Sunnah

    Published on : 06 11 2016

    All praises to Allah Most High and may His choicest blessings upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace be upon him).


  • How to Build a Lifelong Relationship with the Qur’an

    Published on : 29 10 2016

    Prolonged companionship with the Qur’an must become one of your most cherished desires and occupations. Read it, therefore, as often and as much as you can. Spend as much time with it as you can find, especially the hours of night.


  • Women and the Masjid: Avoiding Extremes

    Published on : 19 10 2016

    Does Islam require — or even permit —- a coed masjid? Without using the term —for obvious reasons—- many people in the US are making suggestions that point in that direction.


  • The Test of Patience

    Published on : 15 10 2016

    Every child born comes with a definite ending; death is an inevitable phenomenon for every birth, rather for every creation. Allāh ta‘ālā mentions in the Qur’ān, “Everything is going to perish except His Face (His Being).” (28:88)


  • Fasting the Day of Ashura

    Published on : 11 10 2016

    Fasting on Muharram 10, known as the Day of Ashura expiates for the sins of the past year.


  • The significance of the day of Ashura

    Published on : 10 10 2016

    The tenth day of the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar marks a significant day in the Muslim calendar.


  • Miswak: because the best habits are always Sunnah

    Published on : 08 10 2016

    Islam is a complete way of life and therefore teaches us good manners too. Cleanliness in Islam is given a lot of importance according to a famous Hadith which says, “Purification is half of faith.” (Muslim). It not only teaches us personal hygiene, but also cleanliness of our houses and neighborhoods.


  • Mosque construction shows growth of Islam in Thailand

    Published on : 06 10 2016

    Islam is a minority faith in Buddhist Thailand, yet mosques continue to be built outside of the predominantly Muslim areas on the Malaysian border, with Bangkok and the southern tourist resort of Phuket enjoying a sizeable Muslim community.


  • Muslim history of Gujarat

    Published on : 04 10 2016

    Exactly 600 years ago, four Ahmads stood by the side of the river Sabarmati with a rope in hand laying the foundation of the city of Ahmedabad. Presence of these four Ahmads was no accident;