• Why my family in the US wants to return to Pakistan

    Published on : 16 11 2016

    As soon as I woke up after the election night in America, messages from my relatives living in the US began to pour in. The one that struck me most was my aunt’s: “This is like a bad dream — I think I will wake up tomorrow and find out everything is back to normal.”


  • Independence of Sunni Seminaries in Iran

    Published on : 01 11 2016

    Madrassah or Islamic seminary is an institution for teaching and learning of Islamic theology and religious sciences.


  • Sunni Seminaries under State Pressure

    Published on : 25 10 2016

    The moderate government of Dr. Rouhani has been ruling in Iran for more than three years. It was supposed the Iranian Sunni community, as a vulnerable minority, would breathe easily after the hard times during the government of Ahmadinejad, the controversial president of Iran for eight years. But it has been proven the time for […]


  • A Look into the Life of Mawlana Asia-Abadi

    Published on : 23 10 2016

    Mawlana Ehtisham-ul-Haqq Asia-Abadi (may Allah bless him) was an outstanding student of Mufti Muhammad Shafi’ (the former Grand Mufti of Pakistan) and disciple of Mufti Rasheed Ludhianvi.


  • Declaring a Person as Disbeliever

    Published on : 04 10 2016

    It was around the end of Rabi’ul awwal 1427, corresponding to April 2006, when I received a personal letter from His Highness Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, the personal envoy and special advisor to His Highness, the King of the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom, in which he had asked me some questions regarding Takfeer (rendering a person […]


  • Backwardness & Education in Iranian Balochistan

    Published on : 02 10 2016

    Balochistan is a vast region located within the borders of three neighboring countries; Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. These divided provinces are equal in one point that is poverty and backwardness. But in these lines I’d like to focus on the situation of Iranian Balochistan.


  • Mir Quasem Ali Verdict in Bangladesh: Flawed and Unjust

    Published on : 04 09 2016

    Bangladesh is on the verge of carrying out yet another controversial judicial execution of an opposition leader.


  • “My aunt’s hijab saved my family’s lives”

    Published on : 27 08 2016

    Marwa Atik, a young Syrian American woman living in the United States recalls a life changing incident:


  • The Legacy of Muhammad Iqbal

    Published on : 22 08 2016

    Part 1: On unity and identity In a quiet neighbourhood in Oldham, Greater Manchester, amidst vibrant greenery and rows of quaint houses lies 31 ‘Allama Iqbāl road. Although it may at first seem an anomaly amongst the other more ‘English’ street names around, Iqbāl’s influence, and indeed his mastery over western thought, render his name […]


  • The season of violence rolled around again in Kashmir

    Published on : 18 08 2016

    What is going on in Kashmir, why is there such escalation?