• High Verve & its Impact on the Life of Ulama & Learners

    Published on : 05 06 2016

    In this era, we need zeal and verve more than past as people have been weak and lazy many times more than the ancestors and predecessors. They ruled on the world and submitted before them the states. They defeated infidels within years which are nothing for establishing nations. They had achieved all those victories due […]


  • I Love Baluchs Proudly

    Published on : 11 05 2016

    For the first time I acquainted Baluchs from the sharp-sighted eyes of late Molawi Abdol-Malek. However, none of nations enjoys positive characters or negative ones hundred percent; Baluchs are not excluded from this classification.


  • Sacrilege of Sunnis’ Sanctities in Tehran

    Published on : 26 04 2016

    Unfortunately, once again the sanctities of the Sunni Muslims have been subjected to sacrilege in Iran. This time the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, were offended in the official tribune of the Friday prayers in Tehran.


  • Da’wah & its Need in the Current Era

    Published on : 10 04 2016

    Inviting towards Allah the Almighty is the duty of the prophet, peace be upon him, first of all and secondly the duty of Ummah. This is the only area which has been unoccupied yet on the map of the globe. If Muslims occupy it, they would benefit human beings and themselves forbidding the ‘civilized world’ […]


  • Islam and Modernity

    Published on : 29 03 2016

    Modernity signifies “both a historical period as well as the ensemble of particular socio-cultural norms, attitudes and practices that arose in post-medieval Europe and have developed since, in various ways and at various times, around the world. While it includes a wide range of interrelated historical processes and cultural phenomena, it can also refer to […]


  • Balochs who Prefer other Languages at Home

    Published on : 22 12 2015

    Many of the Baloch citizens in Iran do not speak in Balochi at home with their children. What are their reasons/excuses and why they weaken their mother tongue? The response comes in the upcoming lines.


  • Shaykh Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan Safdar

    Published on : 10 11 2015

    On the 5th of May 2009, the great researcher (muhaqqiq) and hadith scholar of our age Shaykh Sarfaraz Khan Safdar (may Allah shower His infinite mercy upon him) passed away at the age of 98.


  • Who Was Allama Sayyid Qutb Shaheed Rahmatullah Alaih?

    Published on : 31 10 2015

    Sayyid Qu?b, in full Ibrahim Husayn Shadhili Sayyid Qutb, born Oct. 9, 1906, near Asyut, Egypt—died Aug. 29, 1966, Cairo, Egyptian writer who was one of the foremost figures in modern Sunni Islamic revivalism. He was from a family of impoverished rural notables. For most of his early life he was a schoolteacher.


  • Hakim-ul-Islam Qari Muhammad Tayyib

    Published on : 29 10 2015

    DELINEATION Shaykh Qari Mohammad Tayyib is the one who made what Darul Uloom Deoband is now.


  • Maintenance of Lunar Calendar; Why and How?

    Published on : 02 11 2014

    Nowadays, more than forty calendars are common in the world and some of them are more famous than others. Most of these calendars are solar and some of them are lunar, too.