High Verve & its Impact on the Life of Ulama & Learners

High Verve & its Impact on the Life of Ulama & Learners

In this era, we need zeal and verve more than past as people have been weak and lazy many times more than the ancestors and predecessors. They ruled on the world and submitted before them the states. They defeated infidels within years which are nothing for establishing nations. They had achieved all those victories due to their high verve and true faith.
No doubt, “high endeavor” and ambition needs revival. All pens and tongues should come together and unite in urging on high ambition. High spirit is the best treatment for our calamities and painful fact; laziness has affected individuals, organizations, nations and governments.
High spirit had been a position ascended by the pious worshipers, fighters (Mujahideen), Ulama and intellectuals. This was the way on which prophets, their followers and whoever was on their method went and spent time. For this donators spent their wealth; high mindedness is the food of the disciples’ hearts, aliment of the spirits of the gnostic and monotheist believers.
High spirit is a life; the one who loses it, he is a moving dead. It is a shining light by which travelers move forward in the dark seas of the world. It is a cure; the one who loses it, he would suffer from all diseases. A Muslim should always contemplate about it; its comprehension and planning to gain it is necessary. Then, he may become one of the owners of high spirit.
It is a fact that should be said clearly; the prosperity of the oppressed and great Muslim nation depends on high spirit and high-mindedness. It is the way to get Ummah out of calamities and backwardness approaching it to its brilliant past.
After the selection and appointment of Muslims, the Almighty Allah has connected them with patience, high spirit, zeal, aggrandizement, abstinence in the life, awakening at nights, endeavor to get high things, prayer, modesty, recognition, the books of biographies and victories – the biggest library in the history of any nation – are enriched with texts invoke high spirit and awake the soul readers. It treats laziness in spirits and verves a wise and soft treatment without bothering the reader to feel its bitterness.
The Islamic scholars and Ulama have agreed unanimously that the secret of Ummah is: high spirit, annihilation, eagerly tendency towards good deeds and patience on the difficulties and unwanted moments.


Mohammad Parnak


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