• Afghan forces fail to halt Taliban resurgence

    Published on : 31 08 2014

    If residents here were unclear of how close the Taliban fighters were to this provincial capital, the thud of rockets in the neighbouring Chardara district left no room for doubt.


  • Islamic Media: Need of the Hour

    Published on : 02 06 2014

    In the recent age, the age of print and electronic media, under its cover Europe, and the entire Western countries play a key role in considering plots to attack Muslim Ummah and to make the Islamic world powerless is a big goal, first ever in Islamic history.


  • US’ Long Search for Mr. Right

    Published on : 23 02 2014

    What’s wrong with central casting? It’s a virtual truism: The United States always seems to pick the wrong guy to star as George Washington in some faraway civil war.


  • The Genetics of Alcoholism

    Published on : 27 01 2014

    Despite all the known health and social problems of alcohol, there are millions of staunch defenders of this not-so-innocent beverage.


  • Motives for success and overcoming failure

    Published on : 09 01 2014

    The name of failure is enough to put us off it and strive for success, regardless of the material gains that a man may attain as the result of his success, because failure is a word that implies shortcomings and loss, and success is a word that implies perfection and praise.


  • Dont be Like a Dry Branch

    Published on : 04 01 2014

    My young son surprised me one day with a very difficult question. Out of nowhere, he asked: “You are driving a car that can only carry the driver and one passenger. You pass by three people, all of whom need a ride.


  • The clash of allies: The AK Party vs Gulen Movement

    Published on : 30 12 2013

    Is there a crack in the ruling elite alliance in Turkey? In other words, did the cooperation and solidarity between the most important social force and political force that struggled to defeat the military tutelage in Turkey come to an end?


  • Negotiating secularism, state and citizenship in Turkey

    Published on : 04 11 2013

    On Thursday 31 October four female MPs from Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (JDP) entered the General Assembly chamber at the Turkish parliament wearing the religious headscarf.


  • A symbol of Palestinian prisoners’ suffering

    Published on : 07 04 2013

    With three prison guards on his bedside, 64-year-old Maysara Abu Hamdeya died of cancer shackled to an Israeli hospital bed on Tuesday.


  • Erdogan is correct; Zionism is a crime against humanity

    Published on : 05 03 2013

    Israeli leaders have been infuriated by the fleeting remarks made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the opening session of the Fifth UN Alliance of Civilizations held in Vienna last week.