Importance of Studying Life of the Prophet PBUH

Importance of Studying Life of the Prophet PBUH

Studying the life of the prophet, peace be upon him, is a legal need for every Muslim. He or she must adopt it in all conditions as a tenet and worship without going to extremes. It makes the person close to the Almighty in his all times, issues and works. Seerah is like a bridge that approaches the man to the Sublime Allah. It introduces the clean religion of Islam and pure monotheism to him. In the modern era, were materialism and ruts have been dominant and people have forgotten their Lord and Creator, there is an imperative need, more than any other time, to comprehend and study the life of the prophet PBUH. On the other hand, the Western orientalists have attacked on the character of the prophet PBUH leaving no stone unturned to spread misgivings and carry out intellectual war just to defame Islam in the minds of Islam.
This piece of writing sheds light on the importance of studying the life of the prophet PBUH and its need in the current time. It indicates to the means and source for this Shar’ie legal duty, as well as examines the history of writing the life of the prophet PBUH and its recordation and writing in the shape of rectified and revised books. Finally, it mentions a brief summary of the best methods to study the prophetic life and how to utilize it in teaching the life of the prophet PBUH.
Seerah narrates the life of the prophet PBUH that is free of fictions and fables, rather it is according to facts and objective, vivid as the sun and all can observe it that Seerah of the Messenger of Allah is unique and human kind has not observed any examples of it. All can pluck out the fruits of Seerah by studying and implementing it in any time, place and by any language and culture the person has.
So, it is a basic obligation on any Muslim male and female to study the life of the prophet PBUH and plunge in its deep corners. Particularly, the new generation needs it more. Muslims have been passing throughout the difficult times of Islamic awakening and they need to know well where they stand, how they move, on which path they go and what they aim to achieve. As well as, Muslims must know when they should pull back, offer prayers, pay Zakah, and when they should reconcile and when fight and argue? The life of the prophet is full of such points and lessons.
The life of the prophet (Seerah) is the constitution for all Muslims and they must return to it in their all aspects of life, including tenets, worships, morals, trades, behavior and in their homes and markets. Because, Seerah is the explanation of what has been affirmed in the Noble Qur’an. It is narrated that once Sayyidah Ayishah, may Allah be pleased with her, was asked about the character of the prophet PBUH. She replied that his character was the Qur’an. It means he was acting upon the orders of the Qur’an and his life was a true picture to show the basics of Islam and its values.


By Abdullah Eshaqzahi


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