Da’wah & Unity

Da’wah & Unity

Da’wah or calling to Allah is one of the main duties of the Muslim nation. Its importance clearly can be sought in the Noble Qur’an and the life of the prophet, peace be upon him. The Almighty has bestowed Da’wah with a great influence in unification of Ummah under the flag of Islamic tenets.
Arabs during the ignorance era used to get involved in all kinds of infidelity, associating with the Only Lord and other misdeeds like looting. They were fighting for years just for tiny excuses; it had totally weakened them. Then the prophet PBUH began his missionary campaign and gathered all of them in one line. He forbade discords and approximated the hearts to follow up one cause. The prophet PBUH created important qualities in their hearts gradually towards formation of a Muslim personality; it establishes believing rule and unique civilization.
It is indisputable that our nation has been passing throughout a serious situation. It has been facing a big conspiracy that threatens its unity and even existence. The enemies have been struggling to uproot the religion and worldly life of Muslims making them suspicious about their religion and tenets, defaming Islam at others.
Observing the current circumstances, the Muslim nation is in an intensive need of unity to get rid of this billowy sea to the beach of peace and calm. It is the duty of Da’wah that returns Muslims’ past dignity and honor. Calling on towards Allah is the corner stone for building up the base of Muslim Ummah and maintain durability and greatness of their rule.
Da’wah is a propellant power that moves the act forward. It is the way to complete the preparation of Muslims for preaching. This nation cannot reach to the highest spot of dignity and honor but by the sincere men and truthful preachers. The more Ummah goes forward in the field of preaching and enjoys Islamic high morals, the more they can collect the blessings of Allah and raise the flag of Islam gaining the support of the Almighty.


By Deen-Mohammad Mohammad-Aleq


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