• How ‘Unarmed’ Bin Laden Resisted Capture?

    Published on : 05 05 2011

    A big question mark is hanging over the killing of Osama bin Laden in a US raid on his compound in Pakistan after Washington said Al-Qaeda leader was “unarmed” when shot.


  • Osama’s death raises questions

    Published on : 04 05 2011

    In Kabul, the news of Osama bin Laden’s death has, more than anything, brought questions. Questions about what the end of al-Qaeda’s leader means to the ongoing war and the Taliban’s launch of a new fighting season. But most importantly, it has raised resounding questions about the nature of Pakistan’s cooperation in the “war on […]


  • What next after Bin Laden death?

    Published on : 03 05 2011

    Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s death is politically momentous for US president Barack Obama – witness the cheering crowds which gathered outside the White House even before his speech on Sunday night.


  • Why have strong Arab regimes collapsed?

    Published on : 27 04 2011

    We will continue to discuss: Why did the Mubarak regime in Egypt collapse? How did it happen in Tunisia that one of the most influential security regimes was overthrown by a minor incident? How does it happen that Gaddafi’s state now is on the verge of collapse, following four decades of rigid rule? In Syria, […]


  • Unveiling French hypocrisy

    Published on : 14 04 2011

    In one of my earlier pieces on the Arab revolutions (Tunisia’s tide of defiance), I cautioned those brave souls risking life and limb for the cause of freedom in the Arab world to “beware the French” by being vigilant against their “behind the scenes machinations and manoeuvrings”.


  • Masterjee’s Problems

    Published on : 02 03 2011

    Allah Bakhsh is my neighbor, known in the street ‘Masterjee’. He is an old man having a motorbike seems older than its rider! Masterjee was a teacher in public school, now he has a private job. He has no any son except four daughters in the age of college and higher education. After getting retired […]


  • Prayers and Qunoot for Libyans and the Oppressed

    Published on : 01 03 2011

    These days, innocent and helpless people of Libya and other countries are facing inhuman and brutal crimes at the hands of corrupt and oppressive leaders and regimes. Dictators and corrupt rulers of these countries are severely attacking people’s lives, honor, and properties.


  • Libya: Past and future?

    Published on : 26 02 2011

    Many believed that Colonel Gaddafi’s regime in Libya would withstand the gale of change sweeping the Arab world because of its reputation for brutality which had fragmented the six million-strong population over the past 42 years.


  • Egyptian minds are opened

    Published on : 14 02 2011

    When Egypt awoke on Saturday morning after an all-night, nationwide party, it was for many citizens the first day in living memory without Hosni Mubarak as president.In 18 days, revolution uprooted a regime that had ruled the country with ruthless tenacity for 30 years.


  • A Crisis in the Heart of Israel

    Published on : 01 12 2010

    Ever since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, its media has been trying to sell the idea that Israel is a secular state that brought together its children from the Diaspora, returning them to the Promised Land, as was promised in their scriptures and religious teachings where they can live their lives […]