Masterjee’s Problems

Masterjee’s Problems
masterjeeAllah Bakhsh is my neighbor, known in the street ‘Masterjee’. He is an old man having a motorbike seems older than its rider! Masterjee was a teacher in public school, now he has a private job. He has no any son except four daughters in the age of college and higher education. After getting retired from his professional job he had no choice but to earn more for his family who have only one breadwinner.

Masterjee wants to provide his daughters good education in well-known institutes; apart of their fees and personal expenses he has to reap money for their future, ‘dowry’ is another burden on the shoulders of conscientious Masterjee.

You may predict that this family will prevail on all the financial problems when Masterjee’s daughters graduate and begin professional life. But unfortunately there is no any assurance that they would get job; tens of thousand youth graduates have been unemployed for along time. ‘Unemployment’ is one of the biggest crises around the world. This plight has jeopardized the future of thousands of families.

According to a report of the World Fact book rate of unemployment in Pakistan went up to 15.00% in 2010 which was single-digit before recent years. High inflation (more than 25.0%) and low wages, corruption, huge difference between higher and lower classes of the society has aggravated the situation. NGOs can alleviate some financial problems of lower class but it is said that such organizations ‘get’ more and ‘give’ less!

Besides the above-mentioned matters for the ‘labor force’ there are some traditional baulks, which made ‘job’ a dream for women. The root cause of these traditions is a misconception that: “geting a job is to earn just money”; however the mainspring must be serving people and the country.

Masterjee is so lucky as he has gotten a private job and place to teach tuition, though in the age of repose. It is not only the sad story of Masterjee; millions of citizens have the same or worse situation. Though it is the responsibility of governments to equip masses with all sorts of requirements and basic necessities, but due to uncontrollable corruption and wrong policies the vulnerable class has been enduring unbearable expenses.

If we deny our exemplar customs and religious duties in such junctures, certainly we will not be exempted. We must allot some of our incomes for such needy persons, this is the minimum we can do; otherwise upcoming generations may declare us involved in the aggravating situation of the lower class.

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