Iran’s Sunni leader:

Public demands, Unsolved

Public demands, Unsolved

Referring to the critical economic situation in the country, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader called on the authorities to listen to the voice of the people and to fulfill public demands. He considered such a policy as the most effective and wisest way to solve problems.
“No positive step has been taken to address the public demands, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid expressed his regrets.
He was talking to tens of thousands of worshippers in Zahedan’s biggest Friday gathering on January 26, 2024.

Islam is the religion of moderation
The Iranian top Sunni leader continued his Friday speech by saying: “Islam emphasizes on justice and moderation and inspires us not to be involved in extremism. The holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him advised his Companions to avoid excesses. In all affairs of life, including in worship, we should be on the path of moderation.”
“In all fields, the holy Prophet peace be upon him used to behave fairly. Allah does not like excesses. Almighty Allah will not accept any action from us that is not in accordance with the method of the holy Prophet peace be upon him, said the president of Darululoom Zahedan.
He added: “Today, many have caused others to hate Islam. As Muslims, we should not cause people to hate the religion. We will succeed in all our plans and affairs of life if we move on towards the path of moderation.”
“Islam emphasizes on justice. Justice is one of the most important foundation of the religion. Injustice is against the path of Islam. Extremism hits Islam and the extreme person him/herself. The life of the holy Prophet and his companions was far away from extreme. As true believers, we must be careful not to violate the principle of Islam with our bad actions. We should not cause others to be pessimistic about Islam, said the Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan.

Lying is not allowed in Islamic politics
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid insisted on observing Islamic principles. He said: “As Muslims, we should not eat in the name of religion. No one is allowed to get political and material benefits in the name of religion and Quran. If we cannot help the religion of Islam and if we cannot be true servants of Allah, at least we should not provide our material needs in the name of religion. Religion should not be political and subject to politics, rather the policies must be subject to religion. In Islamic politics, nothing should be against Shariah. In Islamic politics, betrayal, breach of promise and lies are not allowed, only honesty is allowed.”
“All politicians must adhere to the Sharia rules. No one, especially those who rule in the name of Islam, should move against the directions of the holy Quran and against the traditions of the holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, “Shaikh Abdol-Hamid underlined.

Politicians should put the interests of the people first
The Iranian top Sunni cleric believed that the authorities and politicians should put the interest of the people first. He said: “It is important that politicians think of the interests of the people and the interests of the country. The rulers must pay special attentions to the demands of the people and must hear their voices; this is the best policy. The rulers should think of the interests of the nation first and then think of the interests of all humanity. We are Well-wishes to the country and to the nation. We love our land and support the territorial integrity of the country. We want to preserve the national security. This country is the house of all Iranians. Everyone protects his/her own house and land. Today, most people of the country live in a very difficult situation. Livelihood problems have led to the expansion of dissatisfaction in the country.”

“Addressing the demands of people reinforces national unity and solidarity, “said Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan.
“Past policies have not responded. Officials still have the opportunity to pay attention to the demands of the people, “said the eminent Iranian Sunni scholar of Zahedan.

Mass executions and torture of detainees are against the Islamic laws
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid strongly criticized the mass executions in Iran, saying: “We must always be subject to the Prophet’s Seerah. In the judicial and criminal issues of the country, in prisons and detention centers and in the case of interrogations, we must see how the holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him treated with captives. We must see the era of the holy Prophet and the Rashidun Caliphs including the era of the Caliph Ali.”
He questioned: “Did they resort to forced confessions and mass execution?”
“What is not in accordance with the Prophet’s Seerah, is not Islamic. We have to review our policies, change our methods and move on towards correct path, “said the Friday Imam of Zahedan.

The current constitution was established for the past generation
Approbation supervision has created problems

The most outstanding Iranian Sunni leader strongly criticized the Guardian Council for the mass disqualification of candidates and said: “some said that Iran’s constitution was the best constitution in the world.”
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid questioned: “Was the constitution fully implemented? Do we implemented this constitution or someone who have power implement it as they wish?”
“We believe that the constitution has weaknesses. People have faced so many problems in some clauses of the constitution. The constitution was enacted forty-four years ago and for the past generation. Many of those who enacted the constitution has been dead, said the eminent Iranian Sunni scholar. “Today’s generation is not yesterday’s generation. While the conditions of the world have been changed and the new generation has new needs and demands, the country’s constitution still has not changed. Have we followed this constitution fully? It is stated in the constitution that the Guardian Council supervises the elections, later someone resorted to approbation supervision. Approbation supervision means that everything, including approval and other process of the election, are in the hands of the Guardian Council. These laws have created problems for the country, “Shaikh Abdol-Hamid expressed his opinions.
He questioned: “What will the world think about us when we disqualify someone who has been the president for two terms and member of parliament for several terms and was the head of the National Security Council for several terms? Or some who were in ministerial positions?”
“These issues should be addressed, “he urged.
“We should have broad vision and should not be limited to one religion, nation or faction. Officials must have high opinion and see different thoughts in the country. It will strengthen the national unity and solidarity in the country, said the Friday Imam of Zahedan.

We hope a fair resolution to the issue of Gaza
The most outstanding Iranian Sunni leader referred to the continuation of Israeli crimes in Gaza and said: “The people of Gaza and Palestine need your prayer. So far, more than 25,000 people were martyred. Bombardment continues in the Palestinian territories. The world should be fair about the issue of Gaza.”
“We emphasize on fair decision in this regard. Disputes must end forever in the Palestinian territories and should not continue more, “he said in his last points.


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