Uncertain Conditions of Two Detained Teachers of Darululoom Zahedan

Uncertain Conditions of Two Detained Teachers of Darululoom Zahedan

Seven days have passed since the arrest of Mawlavi Akbar Bidel and Mawlavi Hedayatullah Qanbarzahi, two teachers of Darululoom Zahedan, and they are still in an unknown situation.

Security forces arrested Qari Hedayatullah Qanbarzahi in Zahedan’s Razi Street for unknown reasons on Thursday, 19th Oct. 2023.

Furthermore, on Friday, October 20, military forces invaded the residential building of the teachers of Darululoom Zahedan and searched houses of some teachers. They arrested Mawlavi Akbar Bidel from the same housing complex.

It should be noted that on Friday (20 October) hundreds of worshipers were arrested after offering Friday prayers from the nearby streets of Musalla where people gather to establish the prayers on Fridays. There are reports that the detainees, including children, have been tortured.

A week has passed, and the authorities have not yet announced the reason for arresting the teachers of Darululoom Zahedan. Their families are worried.

In addition, after the Bloody Friday of Zahedan, numerous people, including scholars and seminary students, have been arrested during a year.


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