Iran’s Sunni leader says to the officials:

Don’t Spend National Treasure Abroad While Iranians in Need

Don’t Spend National Treasure Abroad While Iranians in Need

Referring to the critical economic situation in Iran, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader criticized the authorities for spending the country’s national capital in religious ceremonies, and said: “No government is allowed to spend the national treasure in other places, especially when its nation is in need.”
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid urged on obtaining nation’s satisfaction, release of scholars and removing economic crises.
He was talking to the people of Zahedan, Iran before the Friday prayers on August 25, 2023.

The capital of the country belongs to its own nation
“Today, Iranians are experiencing a very difficult conditions and toughest days, especially in the economic and livelihood matters. The fall of the national currency and drought have been hit people’s business and economy,” the Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan complained about the current situation in Iran.
He continued his speech by saying: “One of the officials said that the country is only involved in low birth rate crisis; the fertility rate is low in Iran. Wisdom is a good blessing. If Iranians have children, then how will they provide their children’s living expenses? First, you solve the economic problems, and then boost birth rate. People have livelihood problems.”
“The country has been facing crises and challenges in various fields. People of different classes have been protesting and shouting. The table of retirees, teachers, workers, and employees is empty. Many do not shout with their tongue, but their heart shouts. All classes, including employees, veterans and the armed forces have problems. Many say that their salaries are not paid at the end of the month,” said the president of Darululoom Zahedan in the present of tens of thousands of worshippers.
He added: “In the past, some used to say that the employees were the poorest class in Iran. In the previous administration, one of the members of the parliament said to me that he and his wife’s salaries, who had also a high job, only sufficed until the first twenty days of the month. This is the state of the MPs; then what is the case with the common people. In villages, agriculture and livestock have been destroyed.”
“Officials should understand what is going on in the country. To improve the current situation, we must take effective measures. The underground reserves and resources of the country belong to the people. The government is the trustee of the treasury. People have elected officials as trustees. No government should spend national funds elsewhere of the country, especially when its people are involved in crises,” said the Iranian top Sunni leader.

Is it fair to spend thousands of billions on religious ceremonies?
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid strongly criticized the authorities for spending Iran’s national capital in religious matters. He said: “Statistics show that a huge amount of money is spent in religious cases and ceremonies; such an action is far away from the teachings of the holy Prophet, peace be upon him, and is contrary to the Seerah of Ahl-ul-Bayt including Khadijah, Fatimah, Hassan and Hussein, may Allah have mercy on all of them. The road minister said that three thousand billion Tooman will be spent on the upcoming religious ceremonies.”
He questioned: “Is it fair to spend thousands of billions of national capital for just one religious ceremony, when the nation is suffering from so many problems?”
“The ex-head of the national security commission of the parliament said that Syria owes us 30 billion $. Apparently, there is no hope of returning this big amount of money. During a trip to a foreign country, the president Raisi said that Iran would build a hospital there. According to our people’s custom, charity begins at home, and the light which is needed for the house is forbidden for the mosque,” said the Friday Khateeb of Zahedan.
Referring to Iran’s proxy wars in some countries, the prominent Iranian Sunni scholar said: “When the Iranian people are in need, why their money should be spent in other countries, especially in war cases? War is destructive; that is why the USA withdrew its troops from Afghanistan. The Americans said it was not wise to lose life and property.”
“War destroys the country and weakens its foundations”, he believed.

Focus on Iranian nation
Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan went on to defend the Iranian nation and addressed the officials: “In the current situation, you should focus on the Iranian nation. Do not just focus on religious issues. Focusing on religious issues is a failed policy. One of the officials said that religious people are enough for us; meanwhile, many who accompany the system are suffering from problems. Do not spend national capital on religious expenses, but think of national interests. It is very important to maintain the people.”
“I say these words as a citizen, not as a foe. It is not wise and fair to spend money on abroad, and neglect your own nation. If you spend on your own people, you will be strong and successful. As a citizen, I have a duty to raise these issues. Be sure, if the country is prosperous, the nation will be in peace and tranquility, and if there is pressure and problems in the country, we all are under pressure,” said Mawlana Abdol-Hamid.

The arrest and detention of families of those who lost their dears in recent protests is very painful
The eminent scholar of Iranian Balochistan further criticized the officials regarding unfair treatments with academics and masses especially the affected families, saying: “The fire, discharge and suspension of veteran lecturers and professors of universities, and the arrest of those who were killed in recent protests hit the country. Instead of sympathizing with those who have lost their loved ones, you arrest them.”
“The fire of experienced professors of universities is unacceptable. Recruitment of low-experienced teachers, lower the scientific level of universities. Students need experienced and veteran teachers. The world costs on scientific characters. Some countries are waiting for Iranian brains and specialists to use their expertise and knowledge,” he believed.
“Some teachers of Darululoom Zahedan were arrested and expelled from the country; universities and seminaries are trying to hire them. Arrest and detention will not solve the problems,” the Friday Imam of Zahedan said.
“The release of scholars and political figures is a public demand. Many scholars are in detention. Shaikh Abdol-Majid Moradzahi has been in prison. Mamosta Mohammad Khedr Nejad is a moderate personality, but he is still in prison. Many scholars of Balochistan and Kurdish areas are in jail,” he demanded the release of scholars.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid went on to refer to the recent detention of Mawlana Fathi Mohammad Naqshbandi, the Friday Imam of Raask\southern of Iranian Balochistan. He said: “Mawlana Fathi Mohammad Naqshbandi is a well-known, popular and a prominent scholar in the region. He has always been working to strengthen the unity and fraternity. His arrest has negative effects and is worrying about people. We believe that debate is the best way to resolve the problems. The best way is to talk with Ulama. I have repeatedly said that if I make a mistake, remind me. Of course, we do not speak harshly and censor many words and issues. I make my words bearable for you.”
“As long as the pain is present, people will not be silent. When there is pain in the patient’s body and the nurse comes and tells the patient that you have no right to complain; this is not wise. The nurse should give this patient medicine and treat him to relieve his pain. Mawlana Naqshbandi endured so many troubles and his words were bearable. Talk to scholars; this is better than arresting them. Arrest is not the way of solution. Sit with people and hear their words. The Ulama belong to everyone, and they are well-wishers; this is their inherent duty. Free all scholars, including Shaikh Abdol-Majid Moradzahi, Mamosta Khedr Nejad, Shaikh Kohi and other scholars and political and social activists,” said the Iranian top Sunni leader.

People are dissatisfied with the officials
The Friday Imam of Zahedan insisted on fulfilling people’s demands, and said: “The nation voted for the Islamic Republic and brought the authorities to the office. People caused the victory of the revolution. The people of Iran are thoughtful people; sit with the nation. If you sit with people, you will see the result.”
“Obtain the consent of the nation. Get along with people and tolerate them. If you tolerate the people, they will accompany you. In the incident of the Bloody Friday of Zahedan, our people were martyred and wounded, but they showed patience. If this bitter incident happened to the opposite side, what they would do? Our people did not get their rights yet. They hope they will gain their rights one day. Hear the voice of people, tolerate them, and talk to the protesters,” said Shaikh Abdol-Hamid in his last points of the Friday speech of Zahedan.


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